What is a Burpee?

What is a burpee? I have not heard about this form of exercise before. Besides the fact that burpees are an effective exercise to tone and strengthen your body, not many people have an idea about them.

Therefore, for all those people who are confused about burpees continue reading the article. In this article, we will explain what is a burpee.

What is a Burpee – An Overview

How to do a burpee full tutorial diagram

Burpee is a high-intensity workout (HIIT) that focuses on strengthening and toning your full body muscles. This full-body exercise is generally used in strength training and as a part of aerobic exercise. It is very similar to the squat thrust but with more stands between the reps. Moreover, the basic or standard burpee is performed in four steps, termed “four-count burpee.”

Let’s have a look at the correct order or the four-count of the burpees to get an idea of how it is performed.

  • Start by standing firmly on your feet while your feet should be hip-width apart with arms on your sides.

  • Count 1:

Now slowly move down into a squat position by bending your knees and pushing your hip back. Put all your weight on your heels instead of focusing on weight on the balls of your feet. Now slightly lean forward and put your hands on the floor in front of you. The distance between your hands should be less than the distance between your feet.

  • Count 2:

After your hand touches the ground, immediately jump your feet back, stretching your legs to land on the balls of your feet. This will put you into a plank or a push-up position. For a correct plank, posture engages your core and makes sure not to raise or sag your back.

  • Count 3:

Now again, jump your feet, but this time in the forward direction until they are positioned next to your hands. During this movement, bring your knees closer to the chest level and toes on the ground.

  • Count 4:

From this second squat position, reach your arms over your head and jump into the air with fully extended knees, ankles, hips, thighs and arms. Once you reach, the ground quickly moves into the next rep.

The most important thing for a burpee is to learn its correct form and focus on time while doing it.


Burpees are one of the most versatile exercises, and you can either make them easy or challenging based on your preference.

  • How to make it Easier:

Usually, beginners find burpees a little tricky; therefore, they want to make it easy to get comfortable with it first. There are numerous ways to make adjustments to dial down its intensity. These include:

Skip the Push-Up and Jump: You can skip the push-up and jump part. Just start from the squat thrust, and instead of doing a push-up, just kick your legs back in push-up position then return to your starting point.

Skip the Jump: Instead of skipping both push-ups and jump, just skip the jump part after a push-up doesn’t jump into the air and return to the squat position.

Skip the Push-Up: If you are comfortable with a jump but not with a push-up, skip push-up. Just hold the plank position for a few seconds without doing a push-up and then return to the starting position. If you want, you can also do a partial push-up.

  • How to make it More Challenging:

You can also make your burpees a little more challenging. Here are some ways:

Burpee Box Jump: Add a plyo box in front of you. Then instead of jumping into the air, step up on the box.

Burpee with a Bosu Ball: Use a Bosu ball for variation and start with the squat position while holding it in your hands. Place the ball beneath you before placing hands on the floor and do a push-up. Grab the ball again and lift it above the head while jumping.

Burpees with Dumbbells: Hold dumbbells in your hand and do the basic burpees as usual. For the higher challenge, hold dumbbells while you jump.

Burpee Form Tips

Burpees many sound simple, but a lot is happening within seconds when you perform a burpee. To simply state, you can either make burpees easy or challenging. But the key point is while doing so; most people lost the true soul and the effectiveness of this exercise.

So, to avoid losing its effectiveness and reap the worthwhile reward follow our five-step guide to a perfect burpee.

1. Mobilize:

During burpees, a lot of stress is putting on your ankles, wrists, and knees. Therefore, it is essential to warm-up your body before starting burpees. Does some mobility work like lunges, squats, and press-ups as homework to burpees loosen up your joints?

2. Break it Up:

Burpees exercise may sound simple, but it is quite challenging to perform. Therefore, it is better to break it into two parts, especially beginners. The first part contains a squat thrust, whereas the second part consists of a deep squat jump. So, let yourself get comfortable with each part separately before combining them into one move.

3. Squat Thrust:

For the correct posture of squat thrust, your shoulders must be over your hands while your legs are stretched into a press-up position. During jumps, keep your shoulders above your hands, and make sure they don’t move backward or forward.

4. Deep Squat Jump:

To perform a deep squat correctly, make sure your hips are sitting back while keeping your chest as upright as possible. When you jump, bend your knees for secured lending as you make contact with the ground.

5. Get Some Air Time:

Lastly, you can perform better when you are happy. Therefore try to combine both while performing burpees. During your transition from squat thrust to squat jump, your hands play a critical role; therefore, for maximum height, swing your arms forward and above your head.

Best Burpee Workouts

Burpees are one of the best full-body strength workouts. Therefore, you can use burpees to make a quick and effective workout. Here we will explain 4 best burpee’s workouts.

1. 100 Burpee Challenge:

As you have guessed from its name, it includes doing 100 burpees as fast as you can. At the start, it will not take much time, and you will complete 15 burpees in no time. However, after it, it will take some time. You can also rest between reps, but don’t quit in halfway, no matter how much time it takes to continue till you complete 100 burpees.

2. The Burpee Ladder:

Another excellent burpee workout is the burpee ladder. Initially, start with the ten burpees and then take a quick rest. In the next round do nine burpees and take rest and then eight and so on. Continue till you reach only one rep.

3. Max Out:

Another dynamic burpee’s workout that will help build your tolerance and increase your anaerobic performance for a fitness boost is the max out. Moreover, it is the best burpee workout for weight loss. Try to find your maximum set of burpees by continuously challenging yourself. Now reduce this number slightly with the rest break of 30 sec between reps. For example, if 30 is your maximum set, rest for 30 seconds, do 25 reps, and rest for another 30 seconds. Continue repeating this process.

  • 30-Day Burpee Challenge:

Lastly, we have a 30-days burpee challenge, where you can plan your burpee workout according to your fitness level.

Safety Tips

Like any other exercise, if you do not do burpees correctly, there are high chances of injury.

  • Skipping Steps:

When people feel tired or especially beginners, they skip specific steps for their ease. Not only are you reducing the effectiveness of burpees but also increasing chances of injury. Therefore, always apply the correct intensity, and if you feel tired, take rest.

  • Contract your Core:

Your core plays a critical role during the plank position. Therefore, at this stage, your core must be contracted and engaged to avoid the risk of injury and negative impact on your back.

  • Reps for Days:

More reps don’t mean you are increasing the chances of success. It will only lead to a higher risk of injury. The only way to get maximum out of your workout is to nail the correct technique, and this will help you to increase the effectiveness of your exercise smoothly. Initially, start with low reps and then increase the number with time.

  • Hand and Feet Movement:

The movement of your hand and feet is very critical in burpees. Therefore, while doing an exercise, make sure your hands and feet are correctly placed.

  • Knee and Shoulder Pain:

If you are suffering from knee or shoulder pain, the best way is to consult your doctor before trying burpees. Get a medical consultation from your physician to avoid the risk of injury.

Final Words

What is a burpee? I am sure after reading the article; you are now clearer about burpees and the correct way to perform it. Always learn about the safety tips before trying any workout to avoid injuries.


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