The Insanity Workout: Top 10 Calorie Burning Facts!

How many calories does an insanity workout burn? The Insanity program is an extreme workout. It consists of high-intensity interval training and exercises that use only your body weight. Training with Insanity entails doing intervals of 20 to 60 minutes, six days a week, for sixty days.

The Insanity workout program has quickly become the most popular choice among people seeking rapid weight loss through cardiovascular fitness. This workout is not for the weak or apathetic; it is designed to make you fitter and leaner than ever.

If you want to know more about the Insanity Workout and how many calories you can burn per session, then you are in the right place.

What exactly is an Insanity Workout?

The Insanity Workout is a comprehensive program led by fitness expert Shaun T and produced by Beachbody.

It involves intense exercise intervals targeting every muscle group in the body. At first, it may be challenging to keep up with the group, even if you are in relatively good physical shape.

This complete workout is designed to gradually and steadily improve your overall fitness and strength.

You can do Insanity workouts at home without any special equipment.

Shaun T. created this routine to speed up weight loss by increasing calorie expenditure and improving aerobic fitness. There is a 30-second break between each set of exercises that lasts three minutes.


How Many Calories Does One Burn In An Insanity Workout?

On average how many calories does an insanity workout burn? Calories can be burned at a rate of up to 1000 calories per hour when doing the Insanity Workout.

This workout program certainly lives up to its reputation as a lightning-fast method of getting in shape and realizing your ideal fit body goals.


On Average, How Many Calories Does A Max Insanity Workout Burn?

In 30 minutes of insanity workout, you could burn 451 calories, maintain an average heart rate of 167 beats per minute, and spend 21 minutes solid in zone 5 max, where your heart rate is supposed to be between 90 and 100% of its maximum.


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How to Calculate Calories Burned?

The Calorie burned formula can determine the amount of energy used.

This equation is determined by one’s basal metabolic rate, the thermic effect of food, and one’s total daily activity. The MET is the unit used to measure them (Metabolic Equivalent For Task).

Regarding physical activities, Aerobic dance, for instance, can range from low to high METs, depending on the intensity of the moves. The formula for calculating the total calories burnt is:

Total Calories Burned = Duration (measured in minutes) × MET value × 3.5 × weight(measured in kg) ÷ 200

To figure this out, you can use your calculators. Most modern calculators include MET functions. Other factors can also affect the rate at which calories are burned, and they include:

  • Body composition.
  • Age.
  • Sleep.
  • Temperature.
  • Fitness Level.
  • Intake of Oxygen.
  • Diet.

The Insanity Workout: What Exactly Does It Entail?

Insanity Workout is a 10-DVD fitness program. It includes:

  • An Insanity Quick Start Guide.
  • An Insanity Workout Schedule.
  • An Insanity diet plan (Insanity Elite Nutrition Plan).
  • An Insanity Fit Test Workout.

To meet your fitness goals in the allotted time, you must commit to working out six days a week, work-70 minutes twice daily. Although recovery weeks are built where the exercises are less taxing, meaning they are more on par with a “normal” hard workout, Insanity Workouts does not allow its participants to rest.


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How Do the Insanity Routines Work?

There are ten Insanity Workout exercises, plus the fit test.

Month One:

  1. Cardio Power and Resistance – a cardio workout (40 minutes).
  2. Cardio Abs: a cardiovascular workout with an increased emphasis on the core and abdominals (40 minutes).
  3. Cardio Recovery – a slightly lower intensity workout (35 minutes).
  4. Core Cardio and Balance: a cardiovascular exercise with an increased emphasis on balance (40 minutes).
  5. Pure Cardio – a cardio workout (40 minutes).
  6. Core Cardio and Balance: a cardiovascular exercise with an increased emphasis on balance (40 minutes).
  7. Plyometric Cardio Circuit – an explosive cardio workout (40 minutes).


Month Two:

  1. Plyometrics: explosive exercises that aim to increase speed and power by requiring muscles to exert maximum force as quickly as possible.
  2. Max Interval Plyometrics – high-intensity cardio and explosive muscle training (55 minutes).
  3. Max Cardiovascular Conditioning – intense cardio (55 minutes).
  4. Max Recovery is a moderately less intense workout (50 minutes).
  5. Max Interval Circuit – a cardio/circuit training of greater intensity (60 minutes).


The Advantages of Insanity Workout

Many people have attested to the success of the Insanity Workout Program over the years.

Because of the nature of this workout, you can incorporate multiple exercises into a single motion that works the entire body.

If you try the Insanity workout, you’ll gain even more benefits than you would otherwise with a regular workout.


Improves Aerobic Fitness

The majority of the exercises in the insanity program require you to move quickly through exercises.

Throughout the workout, you will be breathing heavily to ensure that your muscles receive sufficient oxygen and that you can take in enough of it.

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Adds Strength to the Entire Body

Squats, push-ups, and other body-focused exercises populate the Insanity workout schedule.

Other exercises include those for the abdominal region, chest, legs, and triceps.

If you stick to the Insanity routine for 60 days, you’ll likely see muscle growth. The insanity workout is primarily focused on increasing muscular strength and stamina.


Helps with fat and calorie burning

Insanity is a high-intensity workout program that promises consistent calorie burn of up to 1000 per session if followed correctly.

The amount of effort you put into your workout directly affects the number of calories you’ll be able to burn off.

When you exercise at a higher intensity, you burn more calories and experience more significant weight loss. Because of this, the exercise is perfect for anyone who needs to drop pounds quickly.


Improves Your Stamina

Increasing strength and stamina is the primary goal of an Insanity workout.

As a result, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that this particular exercise routine helps to improve one’s cardiovascular health.

Maintaining a daily commitment to the Insanity workout will help you build muscle endurance and improve cardiovascular fitness.


Requires no special equipment

Investing your physical health through the gym or fitness equipment can be costly.

Therefore, an insanity workout provides you with a necessary answer that helps you save both time and money.

You won’t need to spend a dime to be able to perform the exercises in the convenience of your own home.


Insanity Workout’s Downsides

If you use a product or service of high quality with many positive aspects, there will almost always be some negative aspects as well. The insanity workout plan is exactly as insane as its name suggests.

Even though there are potential drawbacks, they are outweighed by the benefits in this scenario. The disadvantages are listed below.


Strenuous Exercises

There is no question that the Insanity workout program is one of the most difficult ones out there.

If the workout is called “Insanity,” you can expect nothing less.

Putting your body through a workout like this is analogous to putting gold through a furnace to bring out its true beauty; it will bring out the best in your physical condition. Remember at all times that there is no possibility of receiving a reward if you do not take any risks.


Calls for an Extremely High Level of Dedication and Discipline

Consistency is necessary to complete all of the Insanity workouts on your schedule.

You must maintain a level head and a firm resolve. To see this program through to completion requires a lot of dedication. There will be advantages to doing so in the long run.


Who Should Not Perform the Insanity Exercise?

  • Beginners or people who have never participated in physical activity before this point.
  • Individuals who are diagnosed with heart conditions or who are at risk for developing heart conditions.
  • Those who are less concerned with losing weight or increasing their cardiovascular fitness.
  • Those whose blood sugar levels are low (diabetic).
  • Individuals have arthritis, back pain, or knee pain.
  • Expectant mothers.


Who Should Perform the Insanity Exercise?

  • Those individuals believe they could benefit from improved physical fitness and overall health.
  • People who have a demonstrated history of success in athletic endeavors.
  • Participants in races that feature obstacles as part of the course.
  • Those who are in good physical shape are the ones who regularly lift weights and engage in endurance exercises.


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Simply put, an insanity workout is not like the typical exercise routine that most people are familiar with.

Anyone with a strong will and a commitment to daily exercise can succeed with Insanity Workouts.

Without ever having to leave the coziness of your own home, you can challenge yourself with a variety of high-intensity workouts.

Consequently, if you want incredible results but lack the time or motivation to go to the gym or lift weights, then an Insanity workout is your best bet.




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