How to Get Breasts Back After Weight Loss and Regain Confidence ? 13 Tips !

How to Get Breasts Back After Weight Loss and Regain Confidence ? Perhaps you’ve heard that you can’t spot train weight away from a specific area. When you lose weight, it comes off your body overall. Usually when you lose belly fat, breasts will shrink down too, which is a normal thing to happen. But you’re probably wondering how to get breasts back after weight loss, which is just as normal a thought!

Why You’re Losing Your Breasts When You Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose fat, breasts are made of fat along with lobule and ductile tissues which come in handy for breastfeeding. The larger the breasts, the greater the amount of fat tissue you have. As you lose weight, your breasts shrink because you’re losing fat tissue volume.

As breast tissue fat is like any other fat in your body, it plumps up when you gain weight and seems to deflate when you lose that weight. Despite what many products will claim, you can’t target a specific area of your body for fat loss or prevent it from happening to one either. In other words, if you’re trying to lose fat, it’s going to come off of all your body, including at the breasts.

How much fat you lose from your breasts will depend on how they are composed. Denser breasts mean you may notice less of a decrease in size as you lose weight though not everyone will be that lucky.

When your breasts shrink with weight loss, it likely won’t change the size of your bra unless you drop a huge amount of weight. With a 20% loss of body weight, it is possible to notice a big change in your boobs. Ideally, you’ll do this in a smooth way rather than go up and down in weight. A yo-yo pattern can cause your skin to stretch, on and near your breasts as well as around the rest of your body, and no one wants saggy skin.

You can’t really do a thing about stopping your boobs from shrinking when you lose weight. And there are no breast-boosting exercises. Any chest exercises are working the pectoral muscles that are underneath your breasts. While these are great for strength training, they will not keep your breasts the same size or get them back.


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Here’s How to Get Breasts Back After Weight Loss

The only way to replace lost breast volume after weight loss is to get surgery. But if you’re not down for going under the knife, there are ways to enhance your breasts and feel confident about your body. You don’t have to suffer with the look of deflated breasts.

  • Do strength training
    As mentioned, there are no exercises you can do to grow your breasts back. But doing strength training exercises for the upper body can replace lost fat with new muscle which will tighten up this area. There won’t be more volume to your boobs, but with chest exercises, it can keep mild sagging from bogging you down by strengthening the muscles underneath your breast tissue. So, try chin-ups and bench presses, working these into your routines rather than just doing cardio exercises.
  • Go shopping for new bras
    With less boob, you need a new bra. A new bra can’t permanently fix the situation for how to get breasts back after weight loss. But it will support you properly now and it can create the illusion of bigger boobs too. If you’re not sure of your size now, go get fitted professionally. Most lingerie shops offer free fitting services and can help you get the right bra to support you while enhancing those curves.
  • Learn more about nonsurgical lifting
    While surgery is the one way to replace your breasts, nonsurgical breast lifts can also help. They will not look the way implants do, though they aren’t quite as expensive and certainly far less invasive.


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Here, you have many options for boosting your bust. How to get breasts back after weight loss? Try radiofrequency therapies that heat the outer layer of saggy skin. This stimulates the production of collagen and gives you tighter and more youthful skin. It doesn’t replace lost volume but can help firm things up a bit.

There is also a procedure called thread lifting or feather lifting. It pulls your breasts upward from the inside using these small barbed threads that are inserted into your skin. There will be a bit of swelling and bruising, though once that clears up, you’ll have perkier breasts. The downside, aside from having these inserted into your skin which is invasive, is that it only lasts a year or two. That means you’ll have to go and have it done again as needed.

Fat grafting offers another solution for how to get breasts back after weight loss. It’s not a comfortable one though for it involves liposuction of your belly or thighs and redistributing that fat back to your breasts. It’s expensive and painful, but it will enhance the volume of your breasts.

Having breast augmentation surgery is the only way to fully restore that look of big breasts. While there are different types of surgeries for augmentation, they all involve incisions. Some of them will slice underneath the breast while others do it around the nipple. There are also options for doing it near the armpit. For all of them, they then insert implants with either a saline solution or silicone gel. It is expensive and will require a good amount of recovery time, so do keep this in mind.

If you do go the route of surgery to get your breasts back after losing weight, you should make sure you choose a qualified plastic surgeon with the right credentials. This will ensure you have a good outcome to the procedure.


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Preventing Saggy Boobs While Losing Weight

Sadly, there’s no magical way to keep breasts from shrinking when you’re losing weight. However, you can keep your chest as perky as possible as you get in shape by trying a few things to benefit your overall health.

  • Consume collagen
    Collagen is what helps keep your skin matrix soft, supple, and bouncy. As early as your mid-20s, your body stops producing so much collagen and elastin too, which means you need to consume more of it to help your body out. Bone broth is ideal, which can be used as a base for your soups to help you get plenty of collagen. You can also take collagen supplements which can go a long way to supporting your skin from head to toe as well as the health of the rest of your organs.
  • Keep hydrating
    When your skin is parched, it has a hard time bouncing back from weight loss. By drinking the right amount of water each day, your skin will stay healthy and recover more easily from the lost weight so it’s less likely to droop and sag.
  • Aim for slow weight loss
    Losing weight too quickly will make that loss in your breasts look more pronounced. By losing weight in a slow and steady way with about one to two pounds per week, you can more easily help your body adjust so your skin will stay firm.
  • Try to stay out of the sun
    Sun can make your sagging skin and breasts look more pronounced. It also leads to wrinkles, so if you must be in the sun, slather on the sunscreen to protect your skin and keep it tight.



When losing weight, wondering how to get breasts back after weight loss is something every woman thinks about. As you lose weight, you cannot dictate where that fat comes off, which means you may see your breasts shrink too.

You can support them by doing strength training to firm the muscles beneath them, but it won’t give you bigger breasts. Taking care of your skin and your internal nourishment will help your skin from looking droopy as you lose weight, while aiming for slow and steady weight loss will make the gradual loss of breast volume seem less noticeable.

If you’re not motivated toward any surgical procedure, you can let a good bra make up the difference. However, being healthy is most important so remember that even though you lose weight in your breasts, you’ll look and feel better overall. Focus on that and you’ll start embracing your body for how it looks after weight loss.


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