How many calories do Burpees burn? 7 Facts about burpees to lose weight

How many calories do burpees burn and is it worth it compared to other exercises ? Besides, there are several other effective exercises and workouts in the market. So, why is there any need to try a new exercise that is quite challenging as well?

Therefore, in this article, we will explain the number of calories Burpees burn.

How Many Calories do Burpees Burn ?

First of all, what is a burpee ? How many calories do Burpees burn? It is one of the most commonly asked questions from anyone who just started doing Burpees. We will look separately in reference to the time and weight to see the number of calories burned by the Burpees.

How many calories lost doing burpees

How to count how many calories are burned doing Burpees ? What’s the calculation ?

How many calories do 1 burpee burn, and how fast ?

Usually, people want to know the exact numbers of calories burnt to be sure about the number of calories Burpees burned. However, you cannot exactly define the number of calories burned but still through various studies;

  • We came to the conclusion that one Burpee burns 0.5 calories.

An average person takes 3 seconds to do a single burpee. Therefore, they can do almost 20 Burpees in a minute. So, it can be translated as you will burn approximately 10 calories within a minute by doing 20 Burpees.

However, we cannot ignore your speed and frequency as it plays a definitive role in defining how much calories you will burn. According to the research done by Harvard Institute, you can burn between 135 to 200 calories in 30 minutes depending on its intensity.

Moreover, your weight plays a crucial role as lighter people will burn fewer calories at the same time than heavier people. Now let’s have a look at how many calories a particular number of Burpees will burn.

No. of Burpees

140 lbs

170 lbs

200 lbs

10 Burpees

4 kcal

5 kcal

6 kcal

20 Burpees

8 kcal

10 kcal

12 kcal

30 Burpees

12 kcal

15 kcal

18 kcal

40 Burpees

16 kcal

20 kcal

24 kcal

50 Burpees

20 kcal

25 kcal

30 kcal

100 Burpees

41 kcal

50 kcal

59 kcal

How many calories Burned by Burpees depending of your Weight ?

We have already mentioned that your weight also plays a crucial role in how much calories you will burn by Burpees. So, when analyzing the correct number and the time to do Burpees, we must include weight factor as well for more accurate and precise results.

Heavier people will burn more calories than lighter people when the same exact number of Burpees does. For example, a person with 155 pounds will burn 1.25 times more calories than a person who weighs 125 pounds.

However, on average, you will burn between 10 to 15 calories for every 20 Burpees. Now let’s have a look at the number of calories burned within the same time by people weighing differently.

Calories burned per weight and time of exercise chart :


140 lbs

180 lbs

220 lbs

15 min

132 kcal

170 kcal

210 kcal

30 min

265 kcal

340 kcal

420 kcal

45 min

397 kcal

510 kcal

630 kcal

60 min

529 kcal

680 kcal

840 kcal

90 min

794 kcal

1021 kcal

1260 kcal

Therefore, if you want to burn more calories to increase the number of Burpees as much as possible; however, this number may vary a little from person to person. Therefore, those who want to find the exact number of calories burned per Burpee should get a fitness tracker.

Keep in mind that if you eat more calories than you have to increase your number of Burpees to burn more calories. For example, you need to do 80 more Burpees for a scoop of ice-cream, whereas a slice of cake demands 493 Burpees.

What is the best exercise to burn calories?

Now when we are looking at the number of calories burned by Burpee’s, let’s have a brief overview of the calories burned by other exercises. It will give you more insight as to why Burpees are so special and how they will help you with weight loss.

Let’s have a look at the calories burned by other exercises with 100 reps.

Burpees calories burned chart :

No. of Burpees

140 lbs

170 lbs

200 lbs


41 kcal

50 kcal

59 kcal

Jumping Jack

15 kcal

18 kcal

21 kcal


47 kcal

57 kcal

67 kcal


24 kcal

30 kcal

36 kcal


26 kcal

32 kcal

38 kcal

However, you must understand here that apart from Burpees number the more important thing is, to perform a single burpee correctly. You will only be able to see the result when you do it correctly. As you can see, one of the best exercise to lose weight is the burpees

Are burpees the best Workout to lose weight and burn calories?

Pros and Cons of burpees for weight loss

Till now, we all came to a consensus that Burpees are an excellent exercise to burn calories. However, the biggest question now is what the best Burpee workout is. There are numerous good and effective Burpees workouts like 100 Burpee Challenge or Burpee Mile.

Pros of Burpees to burn calories :

There are so many popular and effective exercises. So is there any specific reason for me to do Burpees. If you are also confused about whether to do Burpees or not let’s have a look at these 5 reasons.

  1. Fat Burning:

Burpees are an intense full-body workout, thus using all major muscles in your body. Due to this, it is one of the most effective exercises for weight loss and fat burning. According to one study, Burpees will burn 50 percent more fat than other conventional exercises. Moreover, it improves your metabolic activity to increase the process of fat loss.

  1. Great for Conditioning:

We all know Burpee is an effective strength exercise. Therefore, apart from toning and sculpting your body Burpees also help to improve your endurance and are great for conditioning. Thus, it is the best exercise especially for a sports person, to improve endurance. As a result of which you will be able to tackle any challenge with ease. it can also help you build a strong back and butt and even solve a low butt crack issue.

  1. Require No Equipment:

This is by far, one of the best reasons to convince anyone to do Burpees. You absolutely require no equipment to perform Burpees. And what is more amazing is that you don’t have to go to the gym, you can practice it anywhere. This is the most tempting reason for busy people.

  1. Improve Strength:

Another excellent reason for doing Burpees is that it can improve your strength. We cannot ignore the fact that Burpees are one of the toughest exercises; thus, they show outstanding results. Moreover, it can work for your chest, arms, abs, hamstrings, front deltoids and thighs.

  1. Combine With Other Workouts:

Burpee is versatile exercises which can be easily combined with other workouts for extra kick and benefits. Therefore, according to your convenience and ease, you can add other workouts or remove some of its parts for ease.

Pros of doing burpees for the body and to lose weight for woman

Cons and dangers of Burpees to lose weight

Burpees are one of the most challenging and tricky exercises. Don’t get fooled that it’s quite easy because even doing 10 Burpees is more than enough for newbies. Besides, doing it in a correct way is crucial to avoid chances of injury.

Therefore, here are some of the precaution tips to minimize chances of mishaps and injury.

  1. Keep your core tight when you are in a plank position. Never raise your hip or bend your back. You should be in a straight line.
  2. When you land after jumping, don’t land on the balls of your feet instead put your weight on heels. Because when you land on the balls, it will tire your calves and thighs.
  3. It is important to take a small rest between reps.
  4. Many people mistakenly hold their breath while doing Burpees. However, never do that because you might faint or blackout due to holding breath.
  5. Never move your hands before your feet to perform Burpees correctly.


Best 3 Burpees exercises to burn calories

Basic Burpee consists of five steps or positions starting with the standing position then moving into a squat position. Next, comes the plank position followed by a squat and then finally a jump into the air as high as possible.

  • Burpee Workout for Beginners:

If you are a beginner, don’t add any variation and just perform 3 sets of six standard Burpees within 30 seconds. You can also take rest between sets.

  • Burpee Workout for Advancers:

Suppose you are comfortable with standard Burpees than move on to the next level and perform 5 sets of 10 Burpees within 45 seconds. For the additional challenge, you can also add push-up in the plank position. For a greater challenge, add two push-ups in the plank position. It is quite tricky, but it shows exceptional results.

Another tricky exercise to combine with Burpee is high knee tuck jump. Along with push-ups explode into a high knee tuck jump.

  • Burpees Workouts plan to burn calories:

There are several effective Burpees workouts which can help you to burn a large number of calories. Some of the best Burpees workouts include:

  • Burpee circuit superset workout

  • Burpee variation workout

  • The burpee blast

  • 100 Burpees workout challenge

  • 2-minute drill

  • Burpee ladder with sprint

how to do burpees full tutorial

Final Words about burpees and calories burned

I am sure after reading the article, you have successfully found your answer; how many calories do Burpees burn? However, keep in mind that the intensity of Burpees plays a crucial role in the number of calories it burns.

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