Why Do I Have Such Bony Shoulders? How to get rid of Bony shoulders? 5 Tips about this common health issue

Why Do I Have Such Bony Shoulders

Are bony shoulders normal?

Having bony shoulders is not a medical condition. However, if their aesthetics bother you, working out and gaining muscle around them can help.

Why do I have bony shoulders?

If you look at yourself in the mirror Shoulder thinness is typically brought on by genetics, poor exercise habits, or a lack of essential nutrient content and protein in the diet. Shoulder boniness can sometimes result from a disease, with osteoarthritis being the most common form of degenerative shoulder joint disease.

What does it mean to have a thin or bony shoulder?

The condition known as a “bony shoulder” occurs when most scapulae are either exposed or not protected by muscle.

This issue can impact any age or gender, but numerous solutions won’t just alleviate the boniness in your shoulders but also teach you new behaviors that will improve your overall health and posture.

The best way to cover the bones and improve your posture for an aesthetic appearance while building muscle is to combine different exercises and training programs.

The deltoids are a trio of muscles that make up the shoulder, so it’s important to include workout routines that target all three.


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What causes bony shoulders?

Due to the widespread nature of this issue, we have identified the leading causes of bony shoulders.


Disease can cause bony shoulders

It’s possible to develop a disease that makes your shoulders look bony if you don’t exercise and take care of them properly. Degenerative shoulder joint disease, also known as osteoarthritis, is a gradual, progressive, and self-regulating condition that affects a large percentage of the population.

Articular cartilage and other joint tissues, such as bone and the capsules surrounding other joints like the shoulder, biochemically deteriorate due to this unpleasant disease. This disorder typically manifests itself in the absence of adequate muscle on bone.

Type of Body that is Very Skinny is making bony shoulders worst

If you have a small frame and are of a thin build, your shoulder bones are probably exposed because you lack the necessary muscle mass.

Being underweight indicates a lack of body fat and makes it more difficult to gain muscle mass around the skeleton, but it is not necessarily indicative of a lack of a healthy diet.


Incorrect Exercise Routines

Exercise can reduce the appearance of bony shoulders, but only if you perform the exercises correctly.

If you are starting with exercise, for instance, you shouldn’t try to lift excessively heavy weights right away. Doing so will be too challenging, and the resulting mistakes could lead to injury.

Start with lighter weights and make them your priority while you exercise.


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Nutritional Deficiency is making your shoulders bony

You need a protein-building block diet to hide your scapula bones. Muscle tissue needs to expand and strengthen. Keeping a healthy diet is essential for your overall health, not just muscle growth.


Why Do Men Ideally Want Broad Shoulders?

Most studies show that the most attractive physical traits are both sexes’ lean waistlines and broad shoulders. We can investigate the significance of broad shoulders in social cues to deduce the reason for this.

Having a broader chest and shoulder area is stereotypically associated with men. Shoulders widen in response to elevated testosterone, while hips grow with elevated estrogen.

Since testosterone is more prevalent in men and estrogen is more common in women, men tend to take on a V-tapered shape while women take on an hourglass.

Additionally, more masculine men have an abundance of androgen receptors in the area of their shoulder girdle, which causes them to grow larger pectoral, chest, and back muscles.

And the stronger we get, the more pronounced this effect becomes. Therefore, broad shoulders also indicate a man’s overall physical prowess.

Last but not least, the broad shoulders indicate that men’s bodies are more shaped by muscle than fat, which is important considering that men tend to keep most of their fat in their stomachs.



How to get rid of bony shoulders as a female ?

Bony shoulders are usually nothing to worry about unless they are associated with an underlying medical condition. But if you aren’t happy with your looks (mostly for females) and want to change that, we’ve some suggestions that should help you.

As we discussed, good workouts and diet are two of the most effective methods for addressing the bony shoulder issue. Shoulder muscles built through exercise boost your appeal and magnetic presence.

However, the bony shoulders will always be there. You’ve probably observed that even very muscular women still show some bone in their shoulders; it’s just that the muscles are thick enough to obscure the underlying structure.

Improving the appearance of your thin shoulder region can be accomplished through a combination of quality exercise, a healthy diet, and strength training exercises. Here is the best way to approach each of these variables:


Working Out to make your shoulders less bony

The deltoids are a group of three muscles found in the shoulder area. You need a routine of workouts focusing on this area specifically if you want to build these muscles. Incorporate the following into your regular exercise routine for maximum results.



Front Deltoids


Proper form for this exercise calls for you to sit straight on the bench, raise your hands above your shoulders, and press the bar over your head. After that, bring it back down in front to rest a little above your shoulder line.

It is helpful to have a coach present during your workout to ensure that your form is correct and that you are putting in your maximum effort. In three sets, perform seven to nine reps.


Middle Deltoids


For this exercise, you must stand with your arms by your sides and a dumbbell in each hand. A slight bend in the elbows is appropriate, as is an inward turn of the palms.

While in this position, your elbows should be parallel to the ground, and you should try to touch the ceiling with them.

You should pause for a second in this position before returning to the starting position. You should attempt to lift the most weight possible to achieve the best results.


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Back Deltoids


Simply place your feet apart at a slightly wider than shoulder-width next to the machine in the gym, stand tall, and grab one of the lower wire handles.

It’s important to keep your back nearly parallel to the floor, bend at the waist, and rest one hand on your hip for stability.

Don’t straighten your arm out completely; keep your elbow twisted and draw the wire up your arm. Then, return the pulley to its original position and repeat as many times as possible.


High-Quality Nutrient-Rich Foods to increase your muscle volume on shoulders

To gain muscle and keep it healthy, consuming enough calories from high-quality sources is essential.
The development of scapular muscles requires an increase in caloric intake.

In addition, you should get rid of all the processed foods, cookies, and other snacks you have to lie around the house.

Developing robust muscle tissue requires adequate amounts of protein to be consumed daily.

Certified professionals recommend a daily intake of 45g of protein for women and 55g for men. Aim for it if you want to significantly ramp up the intensity of your workouts and pack on a lot of muscle mass across your entire body.

Consume 6–.7 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily. The recommended daily allowance of protein for a man who weighs 100 pounds is 80 grams.



Working Your Heart Out (Cardiovascular Training)


Strengthening your cardiovascular system is the cornerstone of long-term fitness and will help you increase your overall stamina and endurance.

Consistent cardio training aids in fat loss and muscle gain by keeping your heart rate elevated for an extended period.

You need to focus on motion-based exercises that keep your shoulders moving, such as swimming, jumping rope, and rowing.

You should do either 65 minutes of extremely vigorous cardiovascular exercise or 130 mins of moderate cardiovascular exercise every week.

Even though you can work out for longer, doing too many workouts may prevent muscle growth, particularly if you put more emphasis on cardio than strength training.


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Final Words

It’s good news for people with narrower bone structures that they can still develop wider, bigger shoulders through exercise and diet.

Despite this, your shoulder-to-waist ratio remains largely within your sphere of influence. You can develop noticeably wider shoulders with the right diet in just a few months of dedicated training.

However, there is no magic formula for bony shoulders; it requires tenacity, self-control, and dedication to following a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise.


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