How to Get Bigger Thighs ? 10 Tips and exercises

How to get bigger Thighs without too much effort ? Having the much-wanted hourglass figure is challenging but not impossible to get. Once you get to know how to get bigger thighs, the actual pain left is all about sweating it until you get visible results. The key to getting bigger legs is growing muscles in the area. There are two thigh muscles that together give the legs their shape: hamstrings and quadriceps. The quadriceps are present on the anterior portion of the leg, while the hamstring muscles are on the posterior. You can develop these areas using some isolated and compound exercises that work together on your thigh and hip regions.

Some of the tips regarding how to get bigger thighs are the following:

What is the first Step to get bigger thighs ?Sweat it Out

The first step to get bigger thighs is to sweat it out. Yes, this is the secret to get bigger thighs. This is a no joke – you need to really sweat it out to get bigger legs which means you need to get those intense cardio sessions and resistance exercises no matter how tiring it sounds. When the muscle fibers get torn apart with strenuous workouts, it leaves room for new muscles to grow that are stronger and larger in size. As you engage in exercises, you need to feel them burning your muscles. The process makes your muscles to grow bigger. As you make your sessions more intense, you can see the improved growth in a shorter span of time.

For that matter, when it comes to using equipment and weights, focus on getting loads heavy enough to challenge your hamstrings and quadriceps. Using a weight that is a bit heavy to lift after ten reps should be excellent for you. However, you need to note where you are too hard on yourself and causing yourself an injury. For that, getting help from a fitness trainer seems a reasonable option.

best fitness exercise to get big thighs

How to get get bigger thighs doing sport ? Do Short and Intense Movements !

A term used for doing short and intensive movements is Explosion Exercises. Instead of keeping it slow and steady, get to a more rapid burst of motion. As you complete the isolated thigh exercises, you are ready to incorporate other compound exercises such as skater lunges, jumping exercises, and others in your workout to explode those fibers in the area.

Explosive exercises legs

Why is the position so important while doing exercises to get bigger thighs ?

Making sure that you are in the proper formation while doing all exercises for getting a bigger thigh is essential for knowing how to get bigger thighs. If you are not getting visible results from doing exercises, the chances are that you are not doing it by being in the right position. The main area to be focused on when it comes to getting burns is your thigh region. This will ensure whether your form was proper or not. Not only staying in the correct way ensures you are targeting the right for visible results, but also it ensures safety. It is essential in this regard as being in the wrong way can actually injure your joints and muscles.

What is the secret to get bigger thighs doing sport ? Add Reps and Weight Gradually!

Don’t start with a peak in reps and weights. It is more like a journey uphill where you continuously keep on adding resistance and the intensity of the exercise that is harder on the newly built muscles and promote them to grow more with time. This progressive movement will help you not stay in the same spot and develop more muscles with time.

How to optimise your leg exercises ? Take Different Days for Different Exercises

This holds especially convenient for isolated activities that are focused on building a specific muscle. Moreover, if you are continuing other workouts for areas other than the thighs, such as the chest, then give your leg one day to rest where you are engaged in an exercise concerning your core, and vice versa. The recovery time can help your muscles grow stronger as they broke down during the exercise sessions.

How to workout longer? Never ignore your Cardio Sessions !

Your cardio workout sessions can be made more challenging and fun as you involve mountain biking, cycling, kicking, or sprinting in these. However, be careful about jogging as if it exceeded more than 3 hours, jogging might tear your newly built thigh muscles. As the cardio might prevent muscle growth from happening in some cases, it is recommended to only engage in a cardio workout for a maximum of 20 minutes thrice a week. The real benefit of doing the cardio exercise is simple: your heart and lungs have better endurance as you work for the intensive sessions for thigh muscle growth – an important thing to learn about how to get bigger thighs.  

Which thighs Exercises Do I Need to Do?

  1. Follow on doing squats as these are necessary exercises for building up thighs. As your hamstrings get better along with quadriceps. If you think squats are only for building your glutes, think again. Not only you get to engage your hips, but also your work towards making your hamstrings and quadriceps. Just take care of the form, and you are good to go. You can do this exercise with the help of weights or without any importance.
  2. Just be careful about keeping your knees in an aligned position above your ankles and do not get past your toes. Stand in a straight place with your feet at a shoulder-length apart. As your toes point in a forward direction, be careful that you do not get your knees locked. Make sure you use both hands for holding both weights at the rib level. Your knees should be pushed to the bottom to the back and lower level till your thighs get paralleled towards the floor.
  3. Make sure you repeat the process at least 6 to 10 times before having a break. Do it more than two times in one go, having breaks. Make sure you do the exercise at least twice a week if you want to get bigger thighs.

You can do any kind of variation in squats to make your thighs stronger and thicker. For example, trying out a back squat will help you get healthier and sturdier legs that you can use a barbell on the back for doing squats—using a barbell in the front, known as the front squat, is targeted towards building your quadriceps. Leg presses, step-ups, pistol squats, burpees, lunges, and Bulgarian squats are some of the examples for doing squats in modification.

Lunges to develop your legs

Lunges are targeted exercises building up a stronger lower core and developing bigger thighs. The thigh exercise uses two dumbbells, which help your lower legs get more durable as well. For getting the most out of the lunge, you need to follow the tips such as:

  1. Stand using weights at the sides.

  2. Use afoot to take a step forward.

  3. When you are about to take a step, bend the knee of the opposite leg to a position where it almost touches the floor.

  4. Get back to the initial position and then do the process again as you step with the other foot.

  5. Make sure you repeat the exercise for at least 6 to 10 times before you take a break. Do the movement for two to four times a week for building more muscular and bigger thighs.

Lunges exercise to get bigger thighs

Is deadlifts useful to get bigger thighs ?

Deadlifts are incredible exercises for building stronger muscles of the lower limbs, especially the thighs. You will need to take two dumbbells, some weight loaded on a barbell, and a weighted ball.

  1. Stand in an upright position making sure your feet are apart with the length of the shoulder. Your weight equipment for doing this exercise is to be placed in front of you.

  2. Hinge towards the forward position through your hips while engaging your abs as tight as you can. Make sure you keep your back in an upright position while you bend your knees. As you reach the weights, make your legs straight so your knees get only a slight bend.

  3. Make your back in an upright position while you are lifting weights.

  4. Bend once again and put the weights to the ground

  5. Repeat the process at least ten times before taking any break

  6. Do two sets after your first exercise.

Deadlift to get bigger thighs

Leg Presses : the best exercise workout your leg and thighs muscles ?

You will have to get a machine to do such an exercise. So, it is recommended for people who have the facility for the gym and want to gain thigh muscles. Otherwise you can just order this equipment to have it at home. You can adjust the weights with which you are going to do the exercise and lift the pressure by adjusting the settings of the machine.

  1. You will need to sit on the machine, and your feet must be present on the footpad. As your knees are bent, take a handgrip to gain more stability.

  2. Push the footpads, which will cause the weights on the machine to get lifted. This pressure will be exerted on your thighs.

  3. Bend your knees and repeat six times before taking a rest

Leg press exercise how to get bigger thighs


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