Does losing weight affect your nose? 3 Tips from a Dr

Does losing weight affect your nose ? Having a big nose is certainly not aesthetic. However, resorting to cosmetic surgery is not always effective, not only is it expensive, but if it is not successful, it can deform the face. Moreover, using sports to reduce the tip of the nose may also seem difficult. Therefore, it would be more appropriate to use natural tricks.

Is it possible to lose weight on the nose?

First of all, it is important to remember that the nose is not a muscle that can be covered with fat, like the abdominal muscles for example. The nose is composed of skin, nerve tissue and cartilage. It is almost exclusively on the quality of your skin that you can influence to slim your nose and of course a general weight loss program.

But losing weight around the nose depends a lot on the quality of your skin surrounding it
Let’s take a look at that right now…

Does losing weight affect your nose - result

The fat layer under the skin

Is it possible to lose weight from the nose?

Everywhere on your body, the skin covers a small layer of fat. This is also the case for the skin of your nose.
But in this situation, it is certainly the last fat mass that your body will accept to burn!

The best solution is to exercise your face and improve the quality of the skin.

Indeed, during a sports session, fat is most often lost in the vicinity of the muscles that have made an effort.
So, in order to lose weight around the nose, don’t hesitate to smile exaggeratedly for a whole minute, to make faces, and generally speaking, to make all the muscles of your face work regularly and actively!

We will not dwell on this subject because here is a DVD dedicated to the best facial gymnastics exercises, it is very effective, you will see.


A tight skin on the nose, the solution to lose weight ?

Loose and unhealthy skin will make your nose bigger.
To lose weight on your nose, at least in appearance, you need to have a tight skin.
Use moisturizing and firming creams and scrubs!
(Regular exercise will also improve the texture of your skin, thanks to better blood circulation).


losing weight affecting your nose

But it’s true that it’s not easy to find your way through all this “choice” which, in reality, does not reflect effectiveness… I’ll explain: the chemical substances used in many cosmetic products are in fact a great source of toxins, and these toxins greatly help fats to settle (yes, even on the face), not to mention the appearance that these toxins give to the skin and the action they have on your entire body…
This is why the first reflex is to turn to products containing a maximum of ingredients from organic farming.

So we have made a selection but it is far from being finished because now we have to eliminate the products which are likely to be too aggressive… Yes, Nature has created active principles which can be overused if badly used.


How to lose weight on nose using gel and mask ?

To save you time, here is a product that was recommended to me for its quick action and its softness, probably linked to the Aloe Vera: (click on the image to go directly to the product sheet)

  • Organic Aloe Firming Gel Mask – 30 ml
  • Firming Gel Mask with Organic Aloe – 30 ml

Then to act more deeply I recommend you this night cream (yes very important: it is the night that it is necessary to help your skin to regenerate, the day one protects it at most):

  • Organic Firming Night Cream – 50 ml
  • Organic Firming Night Cream – 50 ml

With these 2 products you act in depth (with the night cream) and have a fast result thanks to the firming mask (to maintain patience during your actions to lose weight on the nose and elsewhere I suppose).



Let’s not forget: Good health

The nose is a sensitive and visible part of the body, which tends to express the general health of its wearer.
To prevent your nose from swelling, or to lose weight on your nose, avoid excessive alcohol, sugar and meat consumption.
Don’t forget to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day, and to exercise regularly.

Loss of weight effect on the nose - Does losing weight affect your nose?How to refine your nose without surgery

Aaliyah DeBaron, shows you a quick and easy tip to refine your nose. Nose too big or too wide, this video is for you!


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