28 Day Workout Challenge (according to age) to lose weight : Pros and Cons

You have already rested enough, are you ready for a 28 Day Workout Challenge ? It’s time to gear up, wear your tracksuit, and find a comfortable spot inside your home.
But what are we going to do wearing our tracksuits? Going out isn’t safe either.

Don’t worry! We ain’t going anywhere. We’re going to stay at home and complete this 28 days workout challenge.

What Is A 28-Day Workout Challenge?

The 28-day workout challenge is a four-week program to lose weight. You do regular exercise at home. Don’t worry; these workouts wouldn’t be long. You can do them early in the morning or whatever time you get from your busy home routine.
Each week has different exercise routines. You follow the workout honestly, till the end.
What’s the outcome?
Your chubbiness goes away, you get a flat belly, and you look more fascinating than ever.


What Are The 28-Day Challenge Weight Loss Exercises?

These workout routines encompass over four weeks or 28 days. You perform a series of exercises like squats, jumps, planks, cardio, and other related fat-burning stuff.


Things To Consider Before doing the 28 day Workout Challenge

Before going on your 28-day tour, there are things that you must know and follow.

No processed food. Processed food is bad for health and slows down your weight-loss process.
Abstain from taking food and drink with additives, excessive sugar, or too much oil.
Don’t drink or smoke much.

Make a diet plan. Don’t starve yourself. Remember eating junk food even in lesser amounts can still be wrong.
Stop eating junk. Don’t forget what Rachel’s sister said: “A minute on the lips, forever on the hips.”
Stop with the “no pain no gain” theory. Try to lift weights that your body accepts. Gradually increase your weights.

Quality of exercises is important, but what about the quantity ?

  1. Only three exercises per workout session are sufficient.
  2. Doing three workouts per week is ideal. You can do more too.
  3. I prefer morning workouts. Morning routine workouts can make your whole day feel fresh throughout the end.
  4. Try to mobilize your body throughout the day. Do house chores, climb stairs, run from bedroom to bathroom, play with the kids or pets. A little cardio routine can help a lot in your 28 days challenge.
  5. Increase your reps per week and get motivated by seeing that you’re making significant progress. Even if you can’t see it, you’re still making progress in losing weight.

The 28-Day Challenge Diet – What and Whatnot

Since we are discussing the exercise plans, why not tell what to eat and what not?
The rule is simple; you have to cut certain unhealthy foods from your meals if you don’t want to become a ‘Carbie.’
Here are some diet options in your daily meals that you can opt for.

  • The Breakfast

Never skip your breakfasts. Take notes from Merry and Pippin. You get your hefty dose of energy from the first meal you take – better make it a nutritious meal.
You can choose one of these breakfast options:
A healthy omelet sprinkled with fresh coriander, and avocado toast slice, with a regular cup of green tea.
A smoothie made of fresh bananas with a hint of pineapple juice, along with two boiled eggs.
A bowl of lukewarm milk with oatmeal, topped with fresh blueberries and a teaspoonful of organic honey.

28 Day Workout Challenge


  • The Lunch

Lunchtime is often skipped, especially when you have a strict office or naughty kids at home. Try to make your lunch in the early hours after breakfast so you can consume it quickly. I prefer combining fruits and fiber for lunch.
Here are some healthy lunch options
Make a salad made of broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and baby carrots. A little cup of fresh hand-picked blueberries could serve as the dessert.
Eat a big red juicy apple that can fill your tummy in the middle of the day, along with a cup of boiled baby carrots for added vitamins.
Chopped pineapples and kiwi tossed with a bit of seasoning of salt and pepper would make your lunch perfect.



  • The Dinner

Dinners are the last meals for the day. Make an effort to make your dinner exquisite, tasty, and healthy. Try to add a combination of meat/fish, whole grains, and starch-less vegetables for your dinner.
Here are some best dinner options:
A single serving of tender chicken breast, sautéed in garlic and low-fat oil, served with cherry tomatoes, a vegetable salad bowl, and brown rice.
Munch on 120 grams of Salmon (grilled) with a single serving of quinoa. You can add broccoli to complement your fish.
A single serving of turkey meat with low-fat noodles and a bowl of fresh green chopped cucumbers would be perfect.
For Cravings


It’s hard but it’s necessary…

Yes, we know that this diet might not be the ideal one (according to you), but you will soon realize how well it went. Anyways, if you still feel hungry other than your meal times, then you can munch on some snacks.
Here are snack options that you can munch when it’s still time for your next meal:
A pocket full of nuts (peanuts, almonds, walnut, hazelnuts).
Take a cup of low-fat and non-starchy fruits. You can also use any available berries.
Use organic peanut butter with a slice of bread (whole grain one).


Things To Avoid during your 28 days challenge

You cannot expect to transform as fast as the Autobots. You have to work hard for it and lose some of your favorite food items for some time.
Here is the list of unhealthy junk food items to skip:

  1. French fries.
  2. Sweetened cakes, cookies, and pastries.
  3. Milky white bread.
  4. Juices made out of fruit.
  5. Alcohol and smoking.
  6. High-calorie ice cream.
  7. Candy bars and chocolate.
  8. Fizzy and soft drinks. Even energy drinks.


How Does The 28-Day Workout Challenge Work?

This challenge has three crucial parts: Motivation, diet plan, and exercise.
We’re done with motivation and diet, now is the time to elaborate your four-week workout schedule.

  • full schedule of the 28 days challengeWeek 1 (Day 1-7)It’s the beginning. Remember not to push yourself too hard. Try to exceed the rep limit next week to make more progress. Resting for a few seconds between each round is necessary.


  • Day 1-2:
    Jumping Jacks.
    High Planks.
    *Do four reps of 30 seconds each.
  • Day 3-4:
    Mountain Climbers.
    Forward Lunges.
    Knee Push-ups
    *Do five reps of 30 seconds each.
  • Day 5-7:
    High Knees.
    Jump Squats.
    *Do four reps of 30 seconds each.


  • Week 2 (Day 8 – 14)The second week of the 28-day challenge would push you to do more. Here is how you can achieve it.


  • Day (8-9)
    A minute-long session of Jumping Jack.
    Squats for 60 seconds.
    High Plank for 30 seconds.
    *Do three reps of the following workouts.
  • Day (10-11)
    Another round of Knee push-ups.
    The four-count Burpees.
    A good practice of backward lunges.
    *Do four reps of the workouts mentioned above with 30 seconds duration each.
  • Day (12-14)
    A warming session of High Knees.
    Doing practice through wall sit.
    *follow the exercise and do five reps of 30 seconds.


  • Week 3 (15-21)The third week of the 28-day challenge would take you to the climax as your daily training would become more brutal. You will soon begin to see significant changes in your belly size.


  • Day (15-16)
    A good minute of jumping jacks.
    Continuing squats for 1 minute straight.
    Doing a 30-second low plank to kill tricky fats.
    *you can do four reps or more.
  • Day (17-18)
    Do hard-knee push-ups.
    Go for high knees practice.
    Go for the bridge too.
    *increase the reps for five instead of four rounds with 30 seconds duration.
  • Day (19-21)
    A minute to do the 4-count Burpees.
    A wall-sit for half a minute.
    Also, do 30 seconds of tricep dips.
    *4 reps each.


  • Week 4 (22-28)The final week of the 28-day challenge would be decision making as you’ll notice how much progress you’ve made since day one. You would feel flat belly and light-weight.


  • Day (22-23)
    Doing jumping jacks for a minute.
    Repeating jump squats for 30 seconds.
    Doing another 30-seconds low plank.
    *do five reps of the following workouts.
  • Day (24-25)
    An intense workout of High Knees.
    Doing forward lunges for 30 seconds.
    *do six reps for each of these workouts.
  • Day (26-28)
    One minute session of knee push-ups.
    Wall-Sit again for 30 seconds.
    Mountain climbers for 30 seconds.
    *do four reps of the following.

Bottom Line

So, here is the 28-day fitness challenge that would do wonders on your body. Follow the schedule right away and stay healthy and fit.


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