Why Do I Need to be Healthy?

Why do I need to be healthy? Well, health is the prime source of bliss and happiness in our life. Staying in good health has a positive influence on every aspect of life. A healthy body can function well physically, mentally, emotionally, and even socially.

You might have encountered many successful, affluent, and accomplished people losing their health, desperately spending a fortune to recover the asset of health but in vain. Health, not money, is the key to getting happiness and a blissful life.

Why do I need to be healthy? A healthy diet, exercise, sleep, clean air, and drinking water are prerequisites for healthy living.

What You Can Do to Be Healthy?

In every health talk, diet and exercise go hand in hand. No one can even think of getting a healthy body without a perfect balance of the two. Here are some things that you should follow to led a healthy lifestyle.

      1. Healthy Diet

No one can undermine the significance of a healthy diet when embarking on the journey of health. What diet can be labeled as a healthy diet? An eating plan that helps you manages weight, including a variety of scrumptious food items.

Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 describes a healthy diet plan that includes:

  • Fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk and milk products, whole grains

  • A wide variety of protein foods such as lean meats, poultry, legumes, eggs, seafood, nuts, seeds, soy products

  • Food low in cholesterol, trans fat, saturated fats, added sugars, salt (sodium)

  • The diet that lies within the boundary of daily recommended calorie intake

healthy diet for fitness on table      2. Fruit

Seasonal fruits are always the best in their taste and nutritional value. However, you can opt for frozen or canned fruit. Avoid canned fruit that is loaded with added sugars and syrup; instead, choose a variety packed in its juice or water.

      3. Vegetables

Nothing can replace fresh organic vegetables. However, you can enhance their flavor through grilling, steaming, or sautéing. Introduce your taste buds to different vegetables. Canned vegetables may be loaded with added salt, cream sauces, or butter. 

      4. Dairies

Consumption of fat-free or low-fat milk is sometimes boring. Low-fat yogurts are a rich source of calcium and can be used as a yummy healthy replacement for desserts.

      5. Meats

Why choose fried chicken or breaded fish when you can try their healthier grilled or baked versions. An optimum amount of meat helps in muscle building and the repair of body tissues. It is about making wise choices.

      6. Comfort Foods

Depriving yourself completely of comfort foods is an unrealistic approach. Enjoy them occasionally in smaller portions while balancing with healthier foods and physical activity. You can still enjoy your homemade Mac and Cheese with low-fat milk, cheese, and butter, and add spinach or tomatoes to add flavors.

     2. Regular Exercise

The perks of regular exercise are limitless. Any sort of physical activity is a great way to feel better. It keeps you fit both physically and mentally. The Department of Health and Human Services recommends the following activities to healthy adults.

  • One hundred fifty minutes of moderate aerobic activity in a week or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity in a week or a well-balanced combination of both. You can choose between running, swimming or walking.

  • Strength training exercises twice a week. You can choose between using weight machines, doing body-weight training, or lifting free weights.

  • For weight loss, you can gradually ramp up moderate aerobics to 300 minutes per week.

fitness for weight loss gym      2. Sleep

Sleep is crucial for being healthy. Sleep restores your body conditions, giving it enough time for self-healing and regeneration of fatigued tissues. Sleep deprivation leads to serious health issues like high blood pressure, heart and kidney diseases, diabetes, or stroke. You can never be healthy if you are unable to enjoy a blissful sleep of 7-10 hours.

      3. Better Stress Management

Life in the modern world is not easygoing. Every day you come across many challenges in every aspect of life, including career, education, business, parenting, or relationships. So there is stress prevalent everywhere. To achieve a healthy mind and body, equip yourself with certain strategies to tackle stress and anxiety.

Workouts, relaxation exercises, healthy eating, meditation, yoga are quite helpful. Most importantly, talk about it with your faith community.

      4. Fitness Freaks Fight With Addictions

People who value their health would never compromise on anything that sabotages their health mission. Addictions are such things that make you feel relentless unless you satisfy them. These could be anything such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, particular food items, or medicines. Overcoming addictions is daunting; however, health is a powerful incentive that keeps you from falling into any addiction.

      5. Inspire and Motivate

It is not only you who need to be healthy but others as well. While striving for good health, you can inspire those around you. Family and friends are likely to follow you when they see you eating healthy and exercising. Like a chain reaction, it would magnify your own motivation.

Reasons Why Health is Important

Why do I need to be healthy? Now you know the answer. The next question that arises is why health is important? There is a myriad of reasons.

      1. Live Long Life

There is strong evidence that staying fit is the secret to long active life. Most people strive for good health to achieve longevity. One study proved that reducing alcohol intake, quitting smoking, a healthy diet, and regular exercise increased life expectancy for about 14 years.

      2. Look Good Feel Good

A healthy body manifests itself in various direct or indirect ways. It boosts your confidence about your body and the way you look. The impact of a healthy diet becomes vivid in glowing younger-looking skin and body. Regular exercise releases endorphins that elevate and stabilizes your mood.

      3. Cheaper Life Insurance for Healthier Fellows

People who are prone to different health issues need to pay high insurance premiums. The healthier you are, the cheaper is your insurance premium and vice versa. Adulthood brings with it a plethora of obligations towards your loved ones. Insurance policy is one of these. Why do people have life insurance? Mainly because it protects their family, enabling them to get over financial losses in case of the person’s sudden death.

      4. Fewer Medical Bills 

The healthier you are, the lesser is your medical expenditure. Despite being surrounded by medical facilities, we are more vulnerable to sickness. The reason being mostly medical treatments cure the symptoms rather than curing the root cause. Think of your ancestors, how they used to live. They were much stronger than you. What was their secret? Organic diet and intense physical activity. Healthy body owners need not spend money to seek frequent medical treatments. Instead, they celebrate a higher credit score and fewer debts.

      5. Age Is Just a Number

 A healthy person can enjoy a satisfying sex life even in their old age. Researchers at Harvard University observed a marked increase in sperm production among regular exercise doers. Also, healthy eating leads to better sex.

old lady young healthy before afterFAQS

      1. Why do I need to be mentally healthy?

Pamper yourself with essential me-time in any way you like. Make connections with family and community. Indulge yourself in new experiences and hobbies—practice mindfulness techniques to manage stress.

Interact with like-minded people. Feeling sadness, emptiness, loss of interest, crying without knowing the reason, or suicidal thoughts are the obvious signs of depression. Consult your health care provider if the symptoms persist.

      2. Does stress deteriorate my health?

Kill stress before it kills you. Stress is the most insidious enemy of your health. No single person can claim that he has never experienced stress in his/her life. Stress is part and parcel of our life. Even young children are stressed out nowadays. You cannot avoid it but can learn how to deal with it. Common symptoms of stress are sleep disturbances, gastric issues, headaches, getting aggressive over petty things, binge-eating, addictions. Exercise is the best strategy to deal with stress.

      3. Why do I need to be healthy?

In a nutshell, the dos for being healthy to include a balanced diet, regular exercise, enough sleep, and enough water intake. The don’ts for being healthy include smoking, addictions, junk food intake, caffeine consumption, stress, depression, adopting a sedentary lifestyle.

      4. Why do I need enough water intake to be healthy?

Water constitutes about 60% of your body. It performs countless functions to maintain the body’s health. Water lubricates your joints, forms mucus and saliva, boosts skin, gut, and kidney health, delicate cushions tissues, regulates body temperature, blood pressure, and homeostasis boosts your exercise performance and weight loss. So consume about 8 to 10 glasses of plain water to gain healing benefits of water.

      5. How to quit smoking to be healthy?

The first few days could be tough on you. A few tips are helpful. First, make a plan, revisit it and stick to it to stay motivated. You can go for nicotine replacement therapy. Get support from non-smoking folks. Keep yourself busy to distract your mind from the smoking urge. Throw away your smoking material.  

Final Verdict

Why do I need to be healthy? Besides the above-mentioned components, you need strong determination and motivation. The treasure of health, once lost, is impossible to regain. When you lose your motivation, walk around a medical center or a hospital to see the plight of the sick. Being healthy is not a big deal; just consider a few modifications s in your diet and lifestyle.


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