Since the last few years, burpees have become a huge phenomenon, and many fitness trainers recommend it to you. But still, many people have no idea what the hell is burpees or what its benefits are.

To all those, burpees are a high-intensity workout that combines the squat and push-ups into one tricky and challenging physical activity. In this article, we will explain the burpee’s benefits in detail.

How to Do Burpees?

If you want to enjoy burpees’ benefits, firstly, you must perform this exercise correctly. The key to get your desired result from any workout is to perform all of its steps with proper care and correct form. The same rule applies to burpees as well. A standard burpee is a four-step move. To perform it correctly, its steps include:

  • Start by standing tall on your feet that are shoulder-width apart. Put all your weight on your heels; your arms should be on your sides.

  • Now push your hips back, bend your knees and try to sit like a squat position.

  • Then place both of your hands in front of you on the ground and just inside your feet. Now put all of your body weight on your hands.

  • It’s time to jump your feet back and gently land on the ground for a push-up position. Keep in mind your body should be in a straight line from head to heels. Don’t let your butt stick in the air or your back sag because it can cause hurdles in the effectiveness of the workout.

  • Now again, jump your feet back to land outside of your hands. Then jump in the air by reaching your arms overhead.

  • Once you land immediately lower into a squat position for the next rep.

Tip: Never lift your chest first from the ground to avoid snaking the body while leaving hips on the ground when you are raising your body back up from the ground.

Experts can do this on their own; however, beginners need guidance to maintain a correct posture and constant speed for the exercise.

benefits of burpees step by step

Burpees Benefits

There are so many effective workouts and exercises in the market, so why should I go with Burpees. If you are also confused about whether to jump on Burpee’s bandwagon or not. For all of you, we will discuss important Burpee’s benefits, which will give you a reason to go with Burpees. These include:

1. Burn Extra Calories:

Almost 80 percent of the people want to lose weight and burn the extra fat through a workout to get their desired body. Therefore, the good news is, with Burpees, you can burn more fat in 20 minutes than other workouts. For example, a person of 155 pounds can burn around 250 calories in 20 minutes. With high-intensity burpees, you can burn more calories.

Burpees can turn your body into a fat-burning machine because it is an intense full-body workout. Besides, it also speeds up your metabolic rate, thus helping you to burn additional calories even after you’re done with your workout.

2. Cardiovascular Workout:

It is one of the best exercises to get your heart rate pumping without any equipment. You can perform burpees as a part of a HIIT workout routine. And we all know that HIIT is a form of a cardio workout that includes a short burst of intense workout followed by a rest period.

Burpees is a type of anaerobic training; therefore, not only it helps to improve your heart health, but it also provides numerous other health benefits like:

  • Better blood flow

  • Low risk of heart diseases and diabetes

  • Better heart and lung health

  • Better brain function

  • Improved cholesterol level

3. Full-Body Workout:

Burpees are a calisthenics workout (use gymnastic movements to achieve body fitness goals). In simple terms, it uses your body weight for resistance. Therefore, burpees work with all the major muscles of your body. As a result of which it is one of the best full-body exercises and helps to tone and strengthen your full body.

It helps to build your muscle’s strength in both your upper and lower body. A standard form of burpees exercise works to tone your legs, hips, buttocks, arms, shoulders, chest, and abdomen muscles. So, it is a strength-building exercise like squats.

4. Convenient and Versatile:

Another excellent benefit of burpees is that it doesn’t require any equipment, but it is still quite challenging to perform. The only thing you need for burpees is enough space and your body weight. To simply state, you can perform this type of exercise anywhere at your home, hotel room, etc. without going to the gym.

Moreover, you can make it more challenging and complicated by adding variation and little modifications to standard burpees. You can add extra push-ups, jump, or even weight for variation, but it all depends on your choice.

5. Boost Endurance:

As CrossFit has mentioned, burpees are one of the hardest exercises. This is the main reason why they are great for developing endurance and conditioning. Burpees are an excellent option to stay fit and get in shape whether you are training for a race, trying a new sport, hike a mountain, or just want to look good.

Burpees are a high load exercise; therefore, even 10 reps of it are enough to make your heart pound, and your breath gets quicker. When you are comfortable with 10, try to increase the number of reps. Once your endurance level increases, you can add more workouts to your routine.

6. Core Workout:

Although it is a full-body workout, it would be more convenient to describe it as a core workout. Why, because it engages your core through the workout for a proper and correct burpees form. Therefore, it is more of a core workout. Keep in mind we are not referring to get a six-pack.

For stability and movement during an exercise, our core plays a primary role. Therefore, a strong and functional core is critical to perform an exercise, avoid injury, and improve the quality of movement. Consequently, it can enhance the quality of our lives.

Variation to Burpees

This is an important reason which will highlight the importance of burpees and why you should try it. Unlike any other workout or exercises that are slow and monotonous, burpees are fast-paced and dynamic. Therefore, you will never feel bored when performing burpees.

I have already mentioned all the important benefits of burpees, but adding variation to burpees is another critical benefit. There are tons of ways to add variety to burpees. Some of these are:

  • Burpees Pull-Ups:

The first way to add variation in burpees is by adding a pull-up bar. Both burpees and pull-ups have their separate fitness audience and are successful among fitness enthusiasts. So what is better than combining these two successful methods?

Perform the basic burpees step and then jump to grab the pull up bar in front of you and pull yourself until your chin reaches the bar level. Your arms should be fully extended. Then let go of it to continue in the next rep.

  • Burpees Push-Ups:

Almost everyone is familiar with push-ups. What if we can combine them with another workout to increase effectiveness? You can combine burpees with push-ups to give yourself an extra challenge and, of course, additional benefits as well.

Start with the steps of basic burpees, and when you are in a push-up position, complete one push-up before jumping on your feet back up to their chest once you complete a push-up, jump feet forward to complete the rep.

  • Burpees Knee Tucks:

This one is quite easy to combine with other workouts to form a monster move. Just perform regular burpees as you always do. However, when you leap in the air afterward, try to tuck your knees into your chest and gently land both your feet on the ground to move for the next rep.

By just adding knee tuck to your burpees, you can gain numerous cardio benefits. Moreover, keep in mind you are not half arising during your jumps.

  • Burpees Box Jumps:

Add a box in your burpees for an extra kick. Like all other variations, start with the same steps of basic burpees; however, instead of jumping into the air after coming out from push-up position, jump onto the box placed in front of you. Then hop back down to move on to the next rep.

  • Dumbbell Burpees:

Although you don’t need any equipment to perform burpees, however, when adding variation to burpees, you can add weights like dumbbells. Adding weight to an exercise is the best and the surefire way to make any exercise challenging.

Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands. Hexagonal dumbbells are preferable over circular ones, so try to have them because they will provide a stable base for your body weight. Perform standard burpees while holding weight to make it tricky.

Final Words

Burpees are a high-intensity workout that offers a wide range of benefits. The most common burpees’ benefits include weight loss, endurance, strength, etc. Moreover, you can also add variation for better results.


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