Shoulder Workout at Home Without Weights

Shoulder Workout at Home Without Weights, is it even possible ? Imagine a muscular guy; what comes to your mind first? Usually, a guy with bulging biceps and abs wearing a T-shirt or no shirt at all. But how would you know that a guy wearing a sweater or jacket is muscular and strong?

Yes, his broad and strong shoulders would make him look so. Isn’t it a sexist remark? Do only men need strong shoulders? The answer is no. Everybody needs strong shoulders. Shoulders are the body parts that people move all day and even at night. So they deserve your special attention. For this, either you can join the gym or simply do a shoulder workout at home without weights.

Why Shoulder Workout at Home Without Weights is a good Option?

No more procrastination for a workout. A shoulder workout at home without weights has the edge over the gym.
It saves your time and money.

Shoulders are prone to injury and unstable, especially while carrying extra weights. On the other hand, bodyweight exercises help to strengthen muscles and tendons without the need to carry extra weight.
You can easily adjust the difficulty level by making adjustments in your angle. You can increase resistance using some simple household items like a towel.

Anatomy of the Shoulder Muscle and how you can workout this muscle without weights

The shoulder muscle (deltoid) has three sides that work in close coordination. The anterior part helps to move the arm upward and downward (shoulder flexion). The lateral side helps in the side movement of shoulders while rotating internally. The posterior side helps to bring arms from sides to midline (transverse abduction). Each part is significant, so an accurate workout should target each.

How to warm up before a shoulder workout ?

Warming up is important as it prepares your muscles, increases the mobility of the shoulder, and reduces the possibility of injury. It also prepares your mind and improves your mental focus. There are many fun ways for warm-ups.

Straight arm circles shoulder workout

Stand straight with your feet apart as they normally are while standing. Extend your arms towards the sides. Start moving your arms in small circles. Gradually increase the size of the circle. Repeat the process in the opposite direction.

Straight arm circles - Shoulders workout at homeProne Y’s and T’s shoulder workout

Lie down on the floor with your back upward. Extend your arms to make a y-shape in a way that your pinky finger is towards the floor and thumb is upwards. While keeping your head down, lift your arms up and then down. Repeat 5 times. Then make a T-shape with your arms. Do as done earlier involving your shoulder muscles.

Prone Y’s and T’s Shoulders workout at home8 perfect Shoulder Workout exercises at Home without Weights

Here is a list of some workouts that help to build and strengthen your shoulders.

How to do Pike Push-up without weights

Bend on the ground by placing your hands on the floor and your hips upwards. Extend your arms a little bit while maintaining your balance. Form a triangle with the body. Now you got the right position. Lower your head, bending the elbows, and move up. Gently up and down your head about ten times. Stand and repeat the process. This exercise effectively engages your triceps, anterior and lateral deltoids. Besides, it improves your blood circulation in your upper body. If you dare to make it more intense, raise your feet on a bench, chair, table, or stair. Increase the distance between your hands and bend your elbows and move your upper body up and back. You can start from basic pike push-ups and later upgrade to these elevated pike push-ups.  

Pike Push-up Shoulders workout at homeHow to do Plank-ups without weights

Almost everyone is familiar with plank-up. It is a basic workout that hits your abs and triceps. For doing this, adjust your body in a straight line position from heels to shoulders. Place the palm of your hand on the floor and push up while the other arm provides support. Now lower your body while resting your elbows on the ground. Move up and then down. Repeat the movement 8 to ten times. During the second shift, use your second hand to acquire equal strength.

Plank-ups - Shoulders workout at homeHow to do Wall Walk-up at home

Wall walk-up sounds strange. Let’s learn how to do it. Assume the push-up position while keeping your feet on a wall. While staying in the same position, climb up the wall in small steps. During that, your hands on the ground would provide support. After you have climbed up as much as you can, start climbing down the wall. Keep in mind that wall walk-up is not a piece of cake. You need to be cautious while practicing it if you are a beginner. So it is advisable to start gradually. However, experts can accomplish 4 to 6 reps in three sets.

Plank-ups Shoulders workout at homeHow to do Dips without weights

You would need a chair for this amazing workout. It mainly hits your triceps, rhomboids, and pectoral muscles too. Sit on a chair near the edge side. Hold the edge of the chair and gradually move your body off the chair and on the chair. Repeat the process 8 to 10 times in 2 to 3 sets depending on your stamina. Make sure that the chair you are using has a good balance. You can use two chairs, a bench or a table. Lower your body to the level that your body can maintain its balance. Another way is to put your feet on another chair if you want to do it at a lower level.

Dips Shoulders workout at homeHow to do Dolphin Dive at home

Adopt the plank position placing your forearms on the floor. Maintain a small distance of about one foot between your feet. Raise your hips upward, making a triangle with the ground. Think of yourself as a dolphin and dive into an imaginary ocean and up to the surface of the ocean. Repeat 8 to 10 times in 2 to 3 intervals. Besides the anterior deltoid, this exercise also targets your abdominal muscles.

Dolphin Dive Shoulders workout at homeHow to do Incline Push-ups without weights

Acquire the plank position. Put your hands on a bench, box, or stair. Lower your upper portion and raise it, focusing on the contraction and relaxation of your chest muscles and triceps. This exercise targets your pectoral muscles and deltoids to a degree greater than the push-ups done on a flat surface. To avoid muscular strain, start doing the exercise involving a small range on a low platform and gradually increase the range.

Incline Push-ups - Shoulders workout at homeHow to do Crab Walk at home

Crab walk is a fun activity. You don’t realize that how many calories you lose in no time. Put your palms on the floor and hips upwards like a table. It resembles crawling with the only difference that your arms and knees don’t come in contact with the ground, and you are facing upward. You can easily take 15 to 20 steps in 2 to 3 attempts and also in the backward direction. The fantastic workout involves a wide range of body muscles such as glutes, triceps, quads, and abdominal muscles. Also, you can adjust the intensity of the activity by moving at a slower or faster pace.

Crab Walk Shoulders workout at homeSide Plank tutorial

Lie down on your right side on the floor with your right hand kept under your right shoulder. Straighten your legs. Use your glutes and abs to lift your hips. Extend your left hand upwards. Try to maintain this position as long as you can and then reverse the process. Repeat 8 to 10 times. For the second set, lie on your left side.
Front Shoulder Raises With a towel.
Believe it or not. A towel can help you get bigger shoulders. Hold the towel close to your chest and pull it from both ends. Then move your hands and towel upwards and repeat the process. Pulling the towel creates resistance equivalent to one pound. You can do this simplest workout many times.

Side Plank Shoulders workout at homeFAQs

How to do shoulder workouts at home without weights?

The shoulder workouts at home without weights are perfect for everyone. So, no worries if you feel you are less fit or unfit. As mentioned above, there are countless possibilities for shoulder workouts. You can devise your at-home workout routine in any way you want. The exercises enable you to focus fully on the technique and the right mechanism to get maximum benefits. You can take these workouts to any level you want.

How to get bigger shoulders at home?

Think of gorilla shoulders. Which equipment the animal uses to get bigger shoulders. Nothing but their body weight. So all you have to do is lift your own body in various ways.

What diet should you follow to get good shoulders?

There is no specific diet for getting strong shoulders. You can follow a diet that is good for muscles, bones, and overall physical well-being. You can include seafood, nut, green vegetables, citrus fruit, bone broth, healthy fat. Things you should avoid are bakery items, sugary drinks, sodas, and processed food.

How to make big shoulders without equipment?

You don’t need to pay for a gym membership or buy dumbbells or gym equipment to make your shoulders look big and strong. Your body weight is your equipment. You can do it anywhere.

Final Word

A shoulder workout at home without weights gives you the leverage of doing hassle-free work-out without any expensive gym equipment. It targets all sides of shoulder muscles and strengthens them for your daily life activities. What you need is motivation, determination, and a combination of appropriate bodyweight exercises.


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