I want to lose weight, but I cannot let go of my favourite food.

Should you follow the 80/20 Diet ? Whenever I start a diet, I always end up surrendering in front of my cravings, what should I do? The best solution to your problem is the 80/20 diet. Let’s study it in detail to know more about this diet plan in this article.

80/20 Diet – An Overview

When you decide to follow the 80/20 diet, there is rules, a lot of rules. 80/20 diet is all about proportions. And lies on the firm base stating, you can eat healthy and nutritious food 80 percent of the time and for the remaining 20 percent you can cheat. Thus, for your ease, you can break down your weekly meals and can include four cheat meals in a week.

So, it means you can eat healthy on the weekdays and on weekends you can eat whatever you want. But keep in mind when we say you can eat whatever you want it doesn’t mean to eat pizza, fries or cheeseburger because it can ruin your whole diet.

Generally, there is no exact rule of healthy food, but it is often based on the food pyramid. So, you have to limit fats containing foods like nuts, seeds and healthy oils. Therefore, the main goal of this diet plan is to simplify things for you without being too restrictive.

How does it work?

Before starting any diet, it is essential to know how it works. It’s the only way to make the best use of your diet and extract maximum benefit from it. However, I think 80/20 is an excellent approach.

Generally, the biggest reason why diet fails is that people can’t control their cravings for their favourite food. On the other hand, when it comes to the 80/20 plan, you can eat less healthy food 20 percent in a week. Consequently, they can continue their diet without having to stop it in the middle.

We all know that when it comes to weight loss, it is all about controlling portion control. Therefore, it is crucial to building a well-balanced diet. According to a study by following 80/20 rule, you can lose up to pounds. Moreover, restrictive eating is quite annoying at times.

Besides, you won’t feel any regret on your cheat days when eating cookies, ice-cream and things like that. Thus, it successfully shows the result and helps women’s to lose weight.

should I follow the 80/20 diet ?Pros and Cons of 80/20 Diet

Each diet plan comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. So, in this section, we will explain in detail 80/20 rule pros and cons.


There are several benefits you can achieve by doing the 80/20 plan. Some of the significant benefits include:

1. Easy to Do:

The best thing about the 80/20 diet is that it is easy to pursue and continue because it is not a harsh feast-or-famine plan. So, you are free to eat anything; however, in moderation under 80/20 rule. The only thing you have to consider is the laxity of your choices.

2. No Foods to Avoid:

Is it not just amazing that there is no food to avoid in particular? You are free to eat everything, but as I have mentioned many times in moderation. The 80/20 rule doesn’t put any restrictions on you; all it requires is to eat healthy food 80 percent and less healthy food 20 percent in a week. Therefore, you don’t have to starve yourself on a party or a special night put.

3. Improves Health:

This diet plan promotes healthy eating habits. As a result of which you will eventually develop good eating habits. You will adopt healthy cooking methods as well as healthy grocery shopping strategies. Studies show that it lowers the risk of cancer, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Besides, it also improves your mood and energy level.

4. You Can do it Forever:

Whether your goal is to lose weight or not, everyone should develop the habit of eating healthy. Therefore, it is not just a diet plan but a healthy lifestyle that allows you to enjoy everything without guilt. So, you can continue this diet plan as long as you want. Moreover, even if you want to continue it forever, you can gladly do it without any side effects.


Like every coin has two sides, similarly, apart from its benefits, there are certain drawbacks of the 80/20 diet. Its main drawbacks are:

1. Not for Everyone:

Before starting any diet, you have to understand that not every diet is for everyone. Therefore, for those who are currently on a high-fat, high-calorie diet initially 80/20 rule would work for them as clean eating requires you to eat low-calorie food, thus, helping to lose weight. On the other hand, those who are already on a fairly healthy diet 80/20 diet won’t work for you.

2. Moderation Matters:

Usually, people believe they can eat anything on a cheat day. However, everything should be in moderation to achieve your desired results. If you eat healthy food, 80 percent of the week, but when it comes to 20 percent don’t overeat and go for highly junk food as you might not be able to see the result of the 80/20 rule because it can increase calorie count tremendously. So, never forget to count your calories intake on the cheat day; otherwise, you won’t see any difference.

3. Time and Money:

Usually, we ignore the time and money factor. But when it comes to the 80/20, you have to eat fresh and healthy food which requires a lot of money and time as we all know that fresh and lean proteins can be expensive, which may cause a stretch to your budget. Moreover, you are required time to prepare healthy food.

Tips and Basic Rules

There are certain things about which you have to care when following this diet plan. When you follow the 80/20 diet plan, you will get your desired results only when you fully follow these tips and take care of its rules.

  • Don’t Overindulge on Cheat Days:

This is one of the most important things, and I am saying it again and again just for your goodness. A cheat day doesn’t mean you can go overboard and overeat. Yes, you can eat anything but in the right proportion. You will not get your results if you overindulge on cheat days. So, take care of your calories intake and eat in moderation.

  • Don’t Punish Yourself on Clean Eating Days:

Clean eating doesn’t mean you have to punish yourself. Why, because if you do this, you will probably overindulge on cheat days. Therefore, you can make your favourite food using healthy ingredients at home. Besides, it can also result in diet fatigue can deprive you of your motivation; thus, you will quit your diet or will end up binge eating.


Usually, your stubborn fat won’t go away only with diet. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and achieve the desired results, you need to make certain modifications on your diet plan.

  • Add Exercise:

Chances of the success of your diet plan will increase when you combine it with exercise. Therefore, apart from following your diet, make some time for physical activity every day. For people who are on a diet that includes high-fat and high-calorie food should do exercise daily. Exercise can balance out all the extra calories you eat on a cheat day.

  • Watch Your Portions:

One of the easiest ways to create a calorie deficit is by controlling your portion. Usually, on clean days people eat fewer calories of food, so it doesn’t have much effect on them and keeps them full for a longer time. However, on a cheat day, they completely forget about the portion control. Consequently, they end up eating more.

  • Count Calories:

Don’t think that you don’t need to keep an eye on your calories intake. This is one of the biggest mistakes you will make, which can ruin your whole diet. Therefore, try to keep a food journal so that you know how many calories you are taking. It will help you to create a calorie deficit diet to lose weight.

  • Move to 90/10 Plan:

Many people don’t lose weight with 80/20 rule and exercise. So, for all those people upgrade your diet plan to 90/10 rule. This rule states that you have to eat 90 percent healthy food and only 10 percent less healthy food in a week. In simple terms, there are only two cheat meals you can eat in a week.

Impact on Women:

The primary goal of dieting is to lose weight and have a leaner and toned body. However, the one thing we cannot forget is the impact of dieting on the mind. We live in a society where we want women to look at a certain body and have great bodies. Over time, the ideal body type has changed a lot.

So, now we are a stage where we support a healthy and toned body. Thus, we need extra fat to support estrogen and life. Therefore, it gives a lot of mental pressure on women. But when it comes to the 80/20 diet, it involves healthy eating with cheat days. Thus, women can eat without guilt feelings, and it improves their mood and mental health.

Final Words

It is a proportion diet that allows healthy eating with four cheat meals. Moreover, it provides numerous benefits and doesn’t have any particular food to avoid.


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