Shock Wave Workout Plan explained : 10 Cardio exercises.

Each day marks the birth of some new workout programs and fitness regimes, the shock wave workout is one of them. From the past few years, the world has seen immense interest in the fitness industry. As a result, people are becoming more and more fitness enthusiasts and want to live a healthy life.

There is a ton of information regarding various fitness programs and workouts on the internet and fitness magazines. However, the real question is which workout program will work best for you. How can anyone decide on their fitness routine?

It is essential to filter out all the unnecessary information and choose only relevant information. Recently, a new wave of workout is known as a shock wave workout to help people fulfill their dream of staying fit and active.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the shock wave workout in detail, how it works, and whether it is beneficial.

What are the benefits of a shock wave workout ?

You need the best Shockwave Workout ? Nothing2queen can provide you one, but first here is why you need it ! In contrast to other workouts and programs, a shock wave workout is a relatively new workout program. So, not many people have heard about it or know how it works. This incredible workout program will help you build strength and cardio while taking your mind and body through various movement patterns.

It helps to use all your major muscle groups and that too at a high intensity. During every second of your workout, all your major muscles will be working. Shock wave is an indoor exercise which you perform with a friend or family or with a group of other people.

Keep in mind that this is a high energy high-intensity workout; therefore, it is not for weak ones. It includes a rowing machine where you have to row as fast as you can. Shock wave workout is especially helpful for a marathon for triathlon runners. Lastly, shock wave is a new reinvented form of circuit training.

Shock wave workout full exercises

Key Factors of Shock Wave Rowing workout

Before diving into shock wave rowing, you must understand it in detail and how it works. Although it is not much difficult, still learning the ins and outs of proper rowing is challenging for beginners.

Moreover, set your monitor to see your strokes per minute (SPM), split time (it is time you take to row 500 meters), or the miles per hour.

Therefore, you must first get familiar with the basic techniques and tips of rowing. In this section, we will explain three critical factors of rowing, especially for beginners and novices.

  •  Order of shock wave exercises:

The first and most important thing is the correct order of each stroke. Remember that each stroke starts with your legs, which then engages your core and ends with your arms.

After one stroke is completed, this order should be reversed by starting with your arms, then moving on to your body weight forward, and lastly, starting back at the original position while your knees are bent. The correct order is legs, butt, core, and arms. And then arm core and legs.

  •  Power Distribution of shock wave exercises:

In rowing, all your major body muscle groups are active. However, you must identify which group is used the most while which group is used the least. It is essential to learn because, in this way, you can distribute your energy and power efficiently to archive better results within a short time.

The correct rule of the power is; your legs should contain 60 percent of power distribution, 20 percent to the core, and the remaining 20 percent should be given to the arms. If you distribute power according to this rule, it can lead to better strokes and better overall form.

  • Timings of your shock wave movment:

The last critical component of the shock wave rowing is timing. Your timing matters the most and makes sure you have consistent strokes. According to the general rule for the shock wave rowing, you must power through for one count (legs, core, and arms) and then release for two counts (arms, core, and legs).

To avoid any injuries, it is better to take your time and learn how to use the machine correctly. There is plenty of time, and once you learn these three critical factors, you will be able to master the art of rowing within a few weeks.

How to warm up before your shock wave Workout ?

Before looking and discussing the detailed work out of the shock wave rowing, let’s discuss a few things in advance.

  • What You Need to add to your warm up workout plan:

This fantastic workout does not take more than 40 to 45 minutes. Therefore, all you have to do is to spare 40 to 45 minutes of your time in a day. Besides, you need one rower, one set of dumbbells with varying weight from 8 to 20 pounds, a yoga mat, and a watch with seconds. This is the best exercise when done in a group. So, it’s better to grab a friend as well with you.

  • Warm-Up before shock wave workout:

Before starting a workout, it’s better to warm-up so that your body will get ready for an intense high energy workout. Therefore, at least warm-up on a rower for 3 to 5 minutes.

Your warm-up should be of low intensity consisting of 22 to 24 strokes per minute or 3 x 15 hard strokes so that you will get familiar with the form. After warm-up takes a break of 2 minutes to stretch and hydrate, moreover, don’t forget critical factors; order, power, and timing.

Shock wave workout warmum

  • Pressure Test:

It is better to take a pressure test to know your limit and how much intensity to workout your body and handle. You can take the pressure test based on the following rule:

Easy: 1 min – SPM 24

Medium: 1 min – SPM 26

Hard: 1 min – SPM 28

Keep an eye on your monitor screen to see miles per hour (MPH) or split time to find in which intensity group you lie. Keep in mind that you are the one who can create intensity by pushing and pulling harder, easier each stroke.

  • Break:

Lastly, take a break to sit up tall with knees slightly bent and twist to one side. Hold this position for at least 10 seconds and then repeat the same position on the other side. Then lean a little forward as if you are touching your toes. This is an excellent stretching exercise for hamstrings and lower back.

How to do shock wave workout excersises

Now it’s time to discuss the shock wave workout in detail.

  • Wave 1 of shock wave workout:

Now it’s finally time to go for round one of the shock wave workouts. Use the intensity for your workout as prescribed in the warm-up or pressure test using MPH or split time. And start with the prescribed intensity to see whether you can hold the same MPH/spits in wave or not.

Keep in mind your focus must be to challenge and beat your numbers established in the warm-ups.

Row: Do row for 300 meters and try to practice 30 to 40 strokes per minute with proper technique. Record the time you take for completing 300 meters and use it as a benchmark time. For example, if it took you 57 minutes for 300 meters, then do other exercises for 57 seconds.

Shock wave workout row

Burpees: Next is the Burpees, but it should contain the pace of 300-meter time.

Burpees shock wave workout

Sit-Up: Then set up a mat to do full sit-ups. Use dumbbells and move from your chest to your feet and then rise again.

Situp shock wave workout

Pass-Through Lunge: Then, move your left leg forward into a forward lunge position and pass the dumbbell you are holding in your right hand to the left hand. Continue doing so for 300 meter row time.

Pass-Through Lunge shock wave workout

Row: Now again, do rowing for 30 to 40 SPM and then record the new time for the coming three exercises.

Dumbbell Fly: Stand straight in your feet with the left leg in a lunge position. Raise your dumbbells on your sides in front of your body and then overhead. During exercise, keep your core tight. Then repeat the position by switching legs.

Dumbbell Fly shock wave workout

Plank: Hold a plank position. You can do this either with your elbow or arms.

Plank shock wave workout

Squat Jump: Sit in a squat position while keeping your head and chest high. Then try to land slowly.

Don’t forget to take rest when you move from one exercise to another. You can take the rest of 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

Musculation sans matériel

  • Wave 2 of shock wave:

In the second round of wave row for 200 meters and again record its time. Then again, perform all the exercises mentioned above in the record time of the 200 meter row. So, if it takes you 40 seconds for 200 meters, do all other exercises for 40 seconds before recording the new time.

  • Wave 3 of shock wave:

And in the last round row for 150 meters and record time as you did in previous waves. And then follow the same format and do all other exercises.

  • Cool Down:

And then finally end your session with a cool down. Do 22 to 24 SPM for at least 2 minutes.

Final Words

Shock wave workout is the new form of a circuit workout where you use rowing to tone your body and stay fit and active. Learn the proper technique before starting an exercise to avoid injuries. Follow its adequate technique to keep healthy.


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