How to Stay Fit – The Beginner’s Guide

How to Stay Fit when you don’t have enough time to go to the gym class you subscribed for ages ago? Can’t find the motivation to read that cookbook your grandma gifted you on your birthday to make healthy meals at home? Are you habitual of lying on the couch all day and binging on snacks? We all have been guilty in one way or the other about things similar to these. But hey, keeping yourself disciplined and knowing how to stay fit is an art that must be learned and practiced from time to time. 

Simply speaking, fitness is an overall feeling of wellbeing; a wholesome feeling that you can do whatever humans can do without any setback. 

Why do I Need to Stay Fit?

The question is not only : how to stay fit but also why you need to stay fit. This is a question asked by many of us laid-back persons out there. Staying fit for the sake of fitness might not be something inspiring enough for a lot of people out there. So, let’s get to the pros of staying fit:

  1. You feel more alert and active. When you make your body fit a desirable level, you attain more clarity in the mind and body which makes you more energetic, creative, productive, and happier throughout the day.

  2. It also helps you to become more responsive to your surroundings. Each cell of your body rejuvenates and starts working at its best as you obtain desirable fitness levels. This makes you more responsive as all your senses feel a lot more awakened through achieving those fitness levels. 

  3. You don’t get easily sick. Your body develops a batter resistance against diseases. It keeps you from getting prone to contagious and even chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and other metabolic disorders. 

  4. The most important part, your confidence is improved. No more body image issues once your body gets in the optimum fitness levels. You feel more confident about yourself, which increases your functionality and improves your mood to a significant level. 

  5. You become more performative and athletic. You are more able to carry out tasks and can perform certain physical actions than most of the people around you, and you have no more embarrassment regarding your stamina. 

  6. You age slowly. No one wants to feel old when they have barely built their career. Enjoy the most of your life by knowing how to stay fit and acting accordingly to the instructions for the delayed aging process.

How do I Stay Fit? 

Without any further ado, let’s see some of the most practical and effective ways on how to stay fit, so you do not end up getting 

How to stay fit, full body exercice for beginners

Be Considerate about the Food you Eat (and the Drinks)

You are what you eat, and why not? According to health and fitness experts, your body gets everything it needs to function through the foods and drinks you take into your body. While you are just lying on the couch eating a bag full of chips and thinking it something harmless, you don’t know how much of a disaster it can cause to your fitness levels (if eaten regularly, of course). There are some foods you should limit as much as you can to keep your body at its best fitness levels. You cannot expect to have the best fitness levels and then fill your body with foods that will only make you fat, fatigued, and drained. 

Foods to Avoid in order to stay fit

  • Refined carbs.

  • Too much sugary foods.

  • Processed foods.

  • Canned foods.

  • Trans fats with margarine, red meat, and hydrogenated fat.

  • Sweet beverages. 

  • Alcohol.

These foods and drinks are only going to make you feel agitated, physically, and mentally. The nutrition content is not high, and the negative consequences of having these edibles outrank the tastes and flavors that come with them. So, even if they are hot on the heels in today’s world, people who actually know how to stay fit have a better idea of how these are just going to ruin their health and give them nothing but a sense of temporary delight.

Foods to Eat

  • Green, cruciferous vegetables. 

  • Lean meat.

  • Fish and seafood. 

  • Lentils and beans.

  • Nuts and seeds.

  • Milk (low fat for weight-conscious individuals).

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits.

  • Honey, stevia, and other sugar alternatives.

  • Plant oil.  

Conforming to these foods is the word of the wise if you want to attain the optimum levels of fitness. If you are more a fan of the taste, and have a hard time accepting more organic produce as compared to a processed one, learn some ways how you can make natural foods taste more delicious. This does not have to be a hectic job, with the right cooking methods, herbs and spices, and combinations, you can make a restaurant like food at home and stay fit at the same time. 

Get your Body Moving!

This has to be one of the top commandments to keep in mind while starting your journey on staying fit and healthy. Many people think that exercising is just for people who want to lose weight or who want to gain muscles. Of course, these are some motivations behind doing physical activities, but the goal for a normal individual with no such intention as mentioned above is different – staying fit.

As you perform different exercises, you train your mind to work in coordination with your body, find a balance, build core strength, get better muscle and joint agility, and make your muscles and bones stronger. All of these factors save you from physical ailments and provide stamina and strength to your body. As a result, you feel capable of doing things; the perfect form of the human body is expected to do. Some of the physical activities you can do are the following: 

  • Calisthenics.

  • Weight-bearing exercises.

  • Running and jogging.

  • Sports such as badminton, basketball, and swimming.

  • Cardio workout.

  • Aerobics. 

  • Gymnastics.

  • Karate and other ancient martial arts. 

Working out, yes, but why ?

All these physical activities are meant to help your body reach one common purpose: optimum fitness. The path you choose depends upon what results you want, how much time and other resources you have for the physical activity, and in which activity you are most interested in. You will feel visible results, from mental health improvement to better blood circulation. But also from a faster metabolic rate to a better quality of sleep, paying some attention to physical activities regularly can bring you the results you want for a healthier, fitter you. 

Nourish your Mind and Soul 

Although we cannot ignore the importance of eating healthy and doing physical activities to attain the best fitness levels, we should not forget how essential it is to also train the mind for making ourselves fitter with time. If we do not condition our mind with the primitive importance of staying healthy, we can easily fall back to the destructive patterns of staying unmotivated. For that matter, we need to practice healthy ways and take some time out of our busy routines to find out the ways we can nourish our mind and soul. Some of the important ways of doing so are the following: 

  1. Do Meditation Daily 

Practice first by breathing deep through your stomach, then lungs, and repeat in a rhythmic motion. Focus on one thing and make your body at ease. Try feeling physical sensations around you as much as you can. 

  1. Join A Yoga Class Or Do Yoga At Home

You can search YouTube for getting beginner yoga classes or simply join a class for weekly yoga. Learn about balancing and engaging your mind, body, and soul as you get at different positions. 

  1. Begin With an End In Mind

Be purposeful of your goals and ask yourself why you need to attain fitness. Also, make a vision of the results you are expecting from following a certain goal for fitness. Don’t get vague about it and make it a routine to repeat those purposes to yourself, even if you remember them all. 

  1. Give Yourself Positive Affirmations

Throw out the negatives and make space for the light to fill in your mind. Send your mind positive messages that what you are doing is going to bear some fruit sometimes. You are going to take this as something to be grateful for in your life. 

  1. Start Writing A Fitness Journal 

Get a journal and write down three segments daily: nutrition, exercise, and mind. By the end of each day, note down your progress in each divided segment, and by the end of the week, see how much you have progressed. Also note down your weight and other indicators of your fitness to get a better insight into your progress, such as breathing rate. 

Final words

The key to being fit is in acknowledging three ways for how to stay fit. Taking care of your diet, doing physical activities, and training your mind. Doing these essential steps with the right planning and balance will help you get the perfect fitness level. We hope this article brought you a comprehensive and flavorful insight on how staying fit can benefit you and what steps you can take to boost your fitness. 


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