How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Legs

How to improve cellulite in your body: Cellulite is actually quite normal, and there is nothing wrong with your body containing it. But when it gets more than necessary in places unwanted, we might want to get rid of it, which is totally fine too. Here is the deal with it: If you want to know how to improve cellulite in your body, then you cannot do it with a magical potion – there is no exfoliating cream or pill existing in the market that will help your body get off unwanted cellulite in a day and make it disappear.

What is Cellulite?

In order to improve cellulite in your body, you need to know first how cellulite forms. It forms when the adipose cells underneath your skin cells push up against the connective tissues of your skin. This pushing up causes your skin to get pucker or dimpled up. You cannot fix this procedure with the help of a magical lotion or a topical cream. You may temporarily tighten and smooth the skin using some appropriate ingredients.

So, let’s find out some of the ways you can improve cellulite in the body.

Can you Get Rid of All Cellulite?

The simple answer to this question is no. One thing women need to acknowledge is that there is nothing to be ashamed of for having this substance in your body. It is quite a common thing to have. If you want ways to minimize the appearance of that cellulite, you can try the following things:

1- Using Caffeine Creams

Even though lotions and creams are not going to play any role in removing the cellulite overnight, they sure can help in smoothing and tightening your skin temporarily. This is especially useful when the creams contain caffeine in them. Caffeine helps the blood vessels in the constricting process, and the adipose cells shrink eventually.

Look for creams that blend easily and are easy to massage into the skin They leave the skin smoother and get absorbed to their maximum capacity.

2-  QWO

If you need a more realistic solution, you can opt for some injectable treatments available at dermatology clinics. QWO treatments are FDA approved and are designed to target the dimpled areas in the buttocks. The dermatologist will be setting up a specialized plan for treatment according to the severity and the amount of your cellulite. Most people get visible results in about ten weeks or so.

What’s more, to know, the downtime is quite minimal as well; all you can expect are few signs of redness and bruising in the treatment site after the application. Just make sure to talk with your dermatologist in detail about the treatment process in detail, and you are good to go.

3- Dry Brushing Technique

Wooden body brushes are all the hype in the dermatology world these days. For all the good reasons – these are great if you want to minimize the cellulite appearance in your body. If you are wondering how it is possible, then it is quite simple to know. Your daily massaging and body brushing would jumpstart your lymphatic drainage, which will help to eliminate the toxins. This would lead to instant inflammation and more improved cellulite. So, here is a pro tip for you. Try doing this technique on dry skin only. The best time is just a few minutes before running into the shower. After you have done, take your shower and apply a creamy moisturizer to avoid any itchiness.

4- Trying Retinol Formulations

Dry brushing is just one side of the picture – dermatologists advise incorporating a body cream with vitamin A in your routine to improve cellulite in the body. The ingredient for building collagen would work for plumping and smoothing your skin. So, every time you utilize it, the anti-oxidants and the retinol will help to hydrate your skin, making it fresh and healthy. Also, most of the retinol creams we see today in the market are not greasy. You can apply them without the worry of getting greasy skin in the end.

If you are applying a retinol formulation in the daytime, make sure you layer it with a coat of SPF, as retinol formulations often make our skin sensitive to sunburns.

5- Minimizing Cellulite with a Coffee Scrub

If having massage nubs are not what you really want, then you can use body scrubs instead. Body scrubs containing coffee as a special ingredient serve excellent purposes towards improving your cellulite. When used on the skin topically, an exfoliant will minimize the cellulite appearance in two ways. Massaging the body scrub along the skin, which will help the body to stimulate lymphatic drainage. Also, coffee comes with caffeine which helps to plump your skin and makes it tight. Caffeine will help to dehydrate the fat cells, so they get deflated, which will make your cellulite appear a little less apparent than before.

6- Applying Serum on the Affected Portion

Topical creams and serums are useful for reducing the appearance of cellulite. But you should not be expecting any magical makeovers. At their very best, they will help in strengthening your skin cell layers by making your cellulite look a little less apparent. Look for serums that contain active ingredients such as coralline extract and caffeine. Coralline is a marine alga that also works like caffeine in minimizing fat cells.

7- Consuming a Well-Balanced Diet

Nutrition plays an important role in regulating how our body works and how it appears. Dietitians assess the nutrition status of an individual through many factors out of which physical features play a decisive role. So, if you are having a healthy diet filled with nutrients, there are pretty big chances that your body will be looking much healthier on the outside. Also, your skin will be smoother and plumper that would not let the cellulite look so obvious. For example, you need to watch out for your sodium intake. Combine lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet and have whole grain foods as they help in the removal of toxic waste from your gut.

8- Staying Hydrated

When it comes to making your cellulite look less obvious, you need to think of ways of making your skin look smoother and plumper and your lymphatic flow in the run. Drinking water addresses both these targets in the best way. You need to make sure you drink plenty of glasses of water throughout the day, so the cellulite does not look prominent in your body. On the other side, when you are dehydrated, the appearance of cellulite will become worsened. Dehydration will cause the skin to become weak and thinner, and when the skin gets thin, it tends to show cellulite even more.

9- Exercising Regularly

Cellulite is put aside; it is absolutely an incredible notion to incorporate exercise into your routine. Whether you hit your fitness center a few times a week, take a meditation or yoga class when it is feasible. Or switch up your work commute through walking, exercising in one way or the other is the best for your body. Dermatologists hint at the fact that cellulite can have genetic roots, so don’t expect to lose cellulite through hardcore resistance training. You might get a more toned body, but the cellulite would not disappear through exercise alone. However, it does not mean that you shouldn’t do any physical activity. It is observed that bodies that are not in shape have more prominent cellulite areas appearing.

10- Trying Dermatological Procedures

The final yet most effective course of treatment is the way of the experts – getting a dermatological procedure for minimizing the cellulite. So, if you want to improve cellulite in your body, talk about all the available options present. There is a cellulite blasting technology new in the derma town. Treatments like Cellfina are minimally invasive, are approved by the FDA. It works through microscopically severing the connecting bands that are weaving through the fat cells present in your body. Especially the thigh and the buttocks.

Once the dimple site gets numbed through utilizing a tiny needle, the dermatologist would insert a microscopic device in the targeted area and cuts the connective cord. This way, the fibrous bands are unable to form connections again. The best thing about this process is that you would need to go through this only once as it is considered a semi-permanent procedure. This is because it shows results in as little as three days which are lasting till three years approximately.

However, this procedure is a little expensive, so it is best to talk to your dermatologist or your plastic surgeon thoroughly before undergoing the procedure. Depending on where you live, the cost of the procedure may vary around 5,000 USD.

Final Word

You would need to talk to a dermatologist about this thing. However, what you can do is improve the appearance of the skin that is looking affected by the cellulite for a short term. Have some realistic expectations in the process, and there are hopes that you will get pretty much satisfying results when it comes to getting better-looking skin. This is a good starting point for people who want to do something about their building cellulite – but in the end, they would eventually be advised to see a dermatologist.


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