How to do pushups for chest : Pushups tutorial for beginners

While chest pushups are one of the most hated exercises, they are extremely effective as well. Therefore, no matter how much you whine or complain with your trainer, pushups aren’t going anywhere. Furthermore, if you keep working on this exercise, then it becomes easier to do it with time.

Pushups are an extremely beneficial workout, especially for your chest, which is why we have enlisted all the best variations of chest pushups and all the benefits of this workout routine to help you make the most of it.

How to Do Pushups for the Chest?

Who doesn’t want a well-built chest? Doing pushups regularly can help to give you the muscular chest of your dreams. Therefore, all you need to do is place your hands below your shoulders and stretch your legs out so that your body weight is on your toes. You need to make sure that your head, back, and glutes are all in a straight line.

This is the perfect stance for initiating pushups. Now you have to pull your shoulder and back downwards towards the ground and then come back up without touching the surface. You must make sure that your elbows stay at a 90-degree angle while performing the pushups.

Chest pushups tutorial

What is the Good Way to Do Pushups for the Chest?

While pushups are a beneficial workout routine for various parts of your body, they have a special impact on your chest. The following are some of the finest and most effective variations of pushups for the chest:

1. Clap Pushups

Since you know how to do a regular pushup, this pushup is a variation of the regular one. Therefore, you will push your chest up and down as you do in regular pushups, and then when you are coming down, you need to clap with both hands. Once you’re done clapping, you will use your hands to push yourself back up again.

Superman pushups chest tutorial2.  X-tap Pushup

Are you ready to take things up a notch? Since you’re acquainted with the clap pushups, the x-tap pushups are also similar since you will bend your chest down with your hands on the ground, but when you lift yourself back up, you will cross both your arms and touch your chest.

This means that your right arm will touch the left side of your chest, and your left arm will touch the right side of your chest, and then you will come back down with both your hands on the ground once again.

Xtap pushup tutorial chest3. Superman Pushups

The classic Superman pose means extending your arms far out along with your legs. This pose gets its name from the flying action of superman. Therefore, you will push your chest towards the ground, and then when coming back up, you need to stretch out your arms and legs in the form of a superman flying pose. For maximum results, you should try to get your biceps to reach your ears.

superman pushups tutorial4. Double Knee Tap Pushup

The bar just keeps on getting higher. This has to be one of the most complex types of pushups; however, it’s also really effective for optimal chest development. What you need to do here is bend your chest towards the ground as you would in a normal pushup.

Then when you come back up, you have to kick your knees high above the ground and stretch your hands out to touch both your knees. Once you’ve touched your knees, you will come back down on the ground on your hands.

Double knee pushups tutorial

Why Should You Do Pushups?

Pushups have several benefits, and we have mentioned all the significant ones as follows:

1. Improves Your Functional Productivity

Pushups are the ideal workout for your chest. It is also quite challenging as it puts your muscles to a great test. When you lower yourself on the ground, you can feel the burning feeling in your muscles, and it often helps you realize all the muscles that are being activated at that point. The muscles that benefit the most from this exercise include the pectoral muscles, core muscles, chest muscles, biceps, and triceps.

2. Increased Flexibility

One of the main benefits of this exercise is the optimal stretching of your muscles that makes them more flexible and also prevents you from injury. Moreover, the more stretched out your muscles are, the better they will look.

3. Improved Cardiovascular Function

Pushups for the chest are beneficial for both your external and internal health. Pushups are known to be a compound exercise as it utilizes numerous muscles in your body. However, once you make large muscles such as your pectoral chest muscles workout that much, it boosts the supply of oxygen to these muscles as well.

This means that your heart needs to work harder to pump more blood. Therefore, this also turns into an extremely effective heart exercise that promotes your overall cardiovascular health.

4. HGH Promotion

This workout is super effective for making activating the larger muscles in your body. It also involves greater use of muscle mass. Therefore, this increased utilization of muscle mass leads to a greater release of the human growth hormone. As the name suggests, this hormone is extremely beneficial in promoting healthy muscle growth throughout your body.

5. Injury Prevention

Rotator cuff injuries are extremely common, and the chances of injuring this area increase with age. Therefore, performing pushups regularly will help to build stronger shoulder muscles as well and make them flexible enough to avoid the likelihood of developing shoulder injury.

This workout is also effective in preventing lower back injuries. Most adults complain of lower back complications such as sciatica, and pushups can help to manage most of your lower back problems.

6. Posture Improvement

Most of us suffer from a serious case of the hunchback. Sitting in front of the screen at our office has become really harmful for our back health. A good posture helps to build personality, adds more height, and makes you appear more attractive. Performing pushups regularly will greatly improve your posture due to all the stretched-out limbs.

7. Free Workout

Pushups are a full-body workout and free of cost. You can perform this exercise anywhere at any time. You don’t need any special equipment or any special training to master the correct way of doing pushups. Furthermore, it serves as a great workout for your chest, upper back, lower back, and core.

8. Optimal Hormone Regulation and Bone Health Improvement

Both men and women have gender-specific hormones that are necessary for retaining good health. However, the levels of these hormones start to reduce with age, and it affects their health negatively. Testosterone is the hormone in males that starts decreasing with age, and performing pushups regularly helps to manage optimal testosterone regulation in your body.

Furthermore, this exercise also moves your bones, and the more you move your body, the more beneficial it is to form new bone cells. Therefore, performing pushups regularly will help you develop stronger and denser bones. It can also prevent you from developing serious bone complications such as osteoporosis.


How many pushups should a beginner do?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to pushups. While most experts can perform up to a hundred pushups a day, it’s important for all beginners to start slow and increase the number of their reps gradually. This means that they should start with ten to fifteen pushups a day, and then they can increase it up to twenty pushups in the next week. The best way is to keep adding five reps after every week.

Can you grow your chest with pushups?

Yes, you can grow your chest with pushups. Pushups are a complete exercise that activates various muscles of your body. The most important muscles are the pectoral muscles that are also known as pecs, and they are located in your chest. These muscles are activated while performing pushups, and they become more stretched and flexible.

All the stretching makes them grow stronger with time. Pushups are also really effective for strengthening your core, lower back, and upper back muscles. Therefore, this is a complete workout that you can perform anywhere at any time.

Will 80 pushups a day do anything to your body?

Performing 80 pushups a day is extremely beneficial. It will help you burn calories, improve muscular endurance and increase muscle development as well. However, you cannot start with 80 pushups a day. You need to build your muscular endurance gradually.

Final Word

Pushups are a super-effective workout routine that activates numerous muscles all across your body. This exercise might be a bit difficult at the start, but it becomes easier to do with time as your body starts becoming more accustomed to it. However, you should start with ten to fifteen pushups, and then you can go on to performing eighty pushups a day as well.

Pushups for the chest are also extremely beneficial as they will promote chest muscle development and keep you safe from numerous muscular injuries by increasing flexibility in certain areas.


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