Are you interested in knowing handstand benefits? Do you think of a handstand as something intriguing, and you cannot figure out the actual reason to do it?

There is many handstand benefits that you must know. Do you think, unlike other exercises, this one does not target any muscle of the body? Then we have extracted some amazing points on the handstand benefits. But first, let’s see what this exercise is about and why do people do it?

What is a Handstand?

There is many handstand benefits that you must know, but first : what’s a handstand ? Handstand is an exercise, also referred to as a yoga position, in which the body attains an inverted position. The body instead of using lower limbs and specifically the feet to get support and stand upright, uses the upper limbs to stand in an inverted position. The whole body is now shifted from the pelvic core as the basic weight-bearing focal point to the shoulder region. 

Why is it more than just a balance exercise ?

Now, this inverted position might seem like a fun way to impress people as you do something out of the blue, and many skateboarders and teens are seen getting into such a position with the intent to impress their circle. However, it is more than just getting unique and doing something out of the blue. There are a lot of different reasons behind why doing a handstand is more than a talent and why everyone who is looking for getting fit needs to learn how to do handstands.

How Does It Work? 

Handstand benefits are hidden in the fact that handstand inverts the whole body stability scenario. It works by building up the upper body core strength and increasing circulation from the lower limbs towards the upper lift and the head. With more frequency of doing this exercise, the body becomes better able to function in a number of ways, which are also explained in the benefits below.

How to Do Handstands?

Doing handstand seems to be a challenging task, but if you learn all the moves and tips in an effective manner, you can too learn how to do the handstand pose in the right way with a little practice and consistency. For doing a handstand, you need to follow the steps:

Handstands step by step

  • Stretch out your arms, legs, and joints. Now, it is important to be considerate about warming up before getting into an inverted position. For this, roll your joints like wrists, ankles, and let them loose. Now put both your feet together and touch your toes as you bend down. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart. 

  • Kick up with your dominant lower limb. Keep your legs straight while you do this. Make your body go forward and let your legs get straightened as your hands touch the ground. Get your arms to a straight position and tilt your head towards the floor. Your lunged leg should be getting a forward motion. 

  • Make sure your arms are straight, and your base leg becomes the core for your arms. Get yourself in a T position where the dominant leg is the horizontal line to the vertical core of your body. 

  • Get your torso straightened, which is facing upwards and lift the whole body in a single, smooth motion that ends in a handstand. 

  • Use your hands to balance your body weight and focus on your palms and knuckles to shift the weight. Move the weight focus towards the fingers and not towards the wrists as doing the latter, which will cause you to lose your balance. 

  • As you get ready to go down, make your legs split, and shift the dominant leg towards the floor. Begin standing up and putting the other leg on the floor.

  • Make sure your chest is in an upward position, and you are looking to the sky or the ceiling as you do it. Gradually revolt to the initial position. 

the real benefits of handstand full list

What are The Benefits of Doing a Handstand? 

Now that we know some basics of doing a headstand, let us see some handstand benefits that are highly important to know:

  1. Handstand is Great for Mental Health

As you get into an inverted position, much of the blood circulation is directed towards your head. This ultimately means that your brain is going to have a lot of blood supply, which will come with essential nutrients and oxygen. As a result, your brain will get a lot of rejuvenation of cells, which will decrease mood swings, the appearance of depression and anxiety, and stress. Also, with the growth of new brain cells, there will be a bigger room for memory cells that will help to increase your memory.

As you continue doing the exercise regularly, you will note huge benefits on mental health with time. So, if you are a teen struggling with concentration and memorizing new things, or if you are an adult who wants to slow down memory loss, a sign of aging, then learning how to do a headstand can benefit you in great ways, especially for your mental health. 

  1. It Helps the Body Get More Agile and Flexible

You will note that doing a headstand requires a lot of flexibility and agility from different parts of the body. You are forced to bend your back, stretch your limbs, and roll your joints during and before the exercise to make a perfect handstand position.There is also something else, you will note that with time, this will come to perfection, and your body becomes more flexible and agile. This is why people who do handstands are much likely to be more flexible than people who do not do it.

That makes them stronger and more agile than other people. So, if you want to learn dance, join a ballerina class, or want to go to sports where they require flexibility and agility such as swimming, then learning how to do a handstand is highly essential for you in this regard. 

  1. Your Joints Become More Resistant to Pain

Many people, especially as they get old, complain of having stiff joints. This is because of a lack of movement in their lives. And even if they engage themselves in physical activity, it is not focused on strengthening the joints, especially the wrists and ankles. This can also put them at risk of getting sprains in these areas. By doing handstands, they will see their joints become more agile and stronger over time.

There is no more complaint of stiff joints and pain or strain that can easily result from living a sedentary lifestyle. So, one of the important handstand benefits includes that it is preventative against joint injuries and stiffness. However, care must be taken if you have some inflammation in the joints as these situations do not render you suitable to get involved in such activities. Make sure your wrists and your hands are strong and healthy and do not have any kind of weak points such as a sprain or a fracture that will get aggravated if you do a handstand in such a situation. 

  1. You Get an Improved Core Strength In Your Back

While standing in an upright position does you no good as your body is naturally standing by the help of gravity, balancing your body against the gravity can have positive effects on your spinal cord. Also, as your pressure is now building up on your shoulder blades, rib cage, and spinal column, your bones from these regions become much stronger and dense over time. This ultimately increases your core strength in the area. Moreover, your muscles are also contracted and engaged as you do this exercise. So, it is great for becoming a part of the upper body workout. This is one of the reasons people who do focused workout pieces of training also do a headstand as a daily part of their routine to get better strength at the upper body core with time. 

  1. The Upper Limbs Get Stronger

This is a no brainer for everyone who has the slightest clue for how to do a headstand. Not only all the above benefits hold true, but obviously, your arms also increase in their strength. All your force is exerted on your shoulders and rib cage, which comes from the palms and wrists of your hand.

If you want to build arms with the best agility and strength, doing these exercises that require your upper core to get strengthened and your arm muscles to get engaged in their optimum levels is essential to get maximum results. With more patience and practice, you will see that your muscles are getting more developed and able to perform heavy arm exercises such as deadlifts and pushups in a better way.

Final Word

We hope this article gave you an insight into what are headstands, why people do it, how you can do headstands, and, most importantly, headstand benefits that make them worth a part of your daily workout or exercise routine. To get these benefits, it is essential you follow all steps effectively and maintain your form to the best levels as you do the handstand. With time and consistency, you will get a better grip on the position. 


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