Regardless of where you live, CrossFit is a popular fitness gym which is the first choice of many. I am sure many of you are interested in joining it as a member while others want to pursue it as a business.

Most people have no idea how expensive is crossfit, therefore, we will explain about the CrossFit cost in detail from each aspect. So, it will be easy for you to make a decision about whether you will go with it or not.

What is CrossFit?

How expensive is crossfit is an important question, but first we need a definition of “Crossfit”. CrossFit is a high-intensity interval training which includes strength and conditioning workout. Moreover, it involves the functional movements that are performed at a high-intensity level. All of these movements consist of actions you performed in daily life like squatting, pushing and pulling. However, they used little variations in these movements when they used them in a workout to help build muscles.

It is not like your usual traditional workout, where you have to repeat many reps over time. CrossFit workouts mainly focus on elements like load, distance and speed. Consequently, helping participants to develop a high level of powers. Moreover, to accomplish their target, they use different equipment like rowers, dumbbells, bikes, medicine balls, speed ropes, plyo boxes and rings.

CrossFit has a standard “workout of the day” (WOD) which all members have to complete on the same day. Besides, they have complete daily workout guidelines on their website. Its goal is to improve physical well-being and cardiovascular fitness of the participants in an encouraging environment.

CrossFit Cost

No matter whether you are a part of the CrossFit community or not, you have an idea that it is more expensive than other gyms. However, many people have no idea how much it costs precisely. Therefore, in this section, we will explain the CrossFit cost in each aspect. We will explain CrossFit cost from a membership point of view as well as from a business point of view.

  • CrossFit Membership Cost:

It offers free introductory classes. However, if you want to join it, you have to purchase its membership and then we are back to the first question : how expensive is crossfit. CrossFit charges from its members after precisely calculating everything, that is why it is a little expensive. The average cost of the CrossFit box lies between $135 and $165, where participants come on average of times per week to the gym. So, the cost of attending one class is around $7.50.

The best CrossFit box for the beginner or those at the initial stages of fitness is “on-ramp” program, and it contains up to 20 sessions. For new people, this one is a highly recommended program. The best thing about this program is it involves a one-on-one session with the coach. The length of the program depends on your fitness level and your ability to perform basic lifts.

Besides, there are many other workout programs as well that CrossFit offers to its participants. Thus, there is a little variation in their prices. Another factor on which it costs depends on how many times you want to go to the gym. If you go with the unlimited classes, then its price will be on the higher end. And lastly, their boxes also come with the drop-in rates ranging from $12 to $20.

  • CrossFit Business Cost:

Before finding the actual CrossFit cost, let’s have a brief look at its business model. One thing you must understand is that CrossFit is not a franchise but an affiliate so, the corporate office charges $3,000 per year to own a gym having a logo and the name of the CrossFit. However, it doesn’t include revenue sharing.

But gym owners have no territorial rights. Besides, as we have mentioned above, they also require a CrossFit training certification which costs $1000. Initially, you only needed $3000 to open a CrossFit gym including affiliate fee, rent, utilities, equipment cost, marketing, salaries and insurance. But this is not an end.

The up-front cost of a medium size gym is at least $5000 for equipment whereas $1000 per month afterwards as the maintenance and replacement cost of equipment. But when it comes to renting, it largely depends on the location. Besides, another high cost for the CrossFit owners is the salaries. Just like rent their hourly salaries also depend on geographic location. So the total average CrossFit cost to start a business is at least $30,000.

price of a crossfit membership gym club

Why Does CrossFit Cost So Much?

At the end of the day, CrossFit is an interval training program then why the hell is it cost so much. Many people get confused when they first hear the cost of the CrossFit. What are they offering extra than other gyms, or what distinguishes them from others?

Generally, people do a cost-benefit analysis to find out whether paying gives them any additional benefit or not. So, we will explain the primary reason behind the high CrossFit cost.

1.Professional Coaching:

This is the most critical thing about CrossFit so it would be only far when we start our list with this. Therefore, CrossFit makes sure that each and every member receives attention from the coach and quality training. Before joining CrossFit coaches have to obtain CrossFit Level 1 Certification.

Thus, they had to participate in the 2-day seminar and should pass the written test. It clearly indicates how much CrossFit gives weightage to hiring professional coaches. However, the course cost $1000 per coach. Consequently, they had to pay well to their professional trainers.

Consequently, it increases the cost of CrossFit. However, most of their coaches don’t end here and try to obtain other specialty certifications like CrossFit kid’s certification or CrossFit running certification. Therefore, although they are expensive, they are worth it.

2.Limited Class Size:

To provide each client with full attention and care, CrossFit has a limited class size. Generally, their classes have 15 to 20 trainees. Thus, they are ensuring to provide individual attention to each participant. It helps all the participants to progressive in a safe and healthy environment.

Moreover, for additional care in their bigger boxes, CrossFit schedule two coaches to their busiest classes. Usually, most active classes happen between 5 to 6 pm slots; therefore, the presence of 2 coaches can cut the ratio to half. All member of the class will get their workouts adjusted to their fitness level. So, there is no egoism or comparison among members, and everyone continues with their own pace.


The CrossFit training program is not an ordinary workout, but it requires an in-depth understanding of physiology, stress and biomechanics. Moreover, no matter who writes the CrossFit programming, it is a resource depleting process. The programmer should pay close attention to all details, understand the progression and if needed write modifications.

There are times when they have to write an entirely new workout. Therefore, it requires a lot of time and experience. So, although its membership is pricy, it is done well. Which means you will never regret your decision of joining CrossFit because they make sure you get your goal in the safest way possible.

4.Class Options:

CrossFit offers a wide range of classes from which you can choose. For example, they offer half a dozen different forms of squats, ring muscle ups and throwing heavy bars etc. However, still, they are only a small fraction of workouts. All of their boxes contain almost different types of offers like mobility, yoga, gymnastics, yoga or WOD many times a week.

However, many CrossFit gyms don’t offer standard CrossFit classes. However, all of them provide on-ramp training for beginners to learn the fundamental movements. Thus, you are free to choose from the number of classes based on your preference and fitness level.


We cannot ignore the environment of the CrossFit for which you have paid such a large sum. So, when it comes to the environment, CrossFit is all about community at the end of the day. Participants show more progression in a healthy and friendly environment. Therefore, CrossFit makes sure to provide its participants with a good atmosphere.

To accomplish this, CrossFit arranges many community events like fundraisers, competitions, weekly partner WOD and even meeting at the local park for Sunday bodyweight training. Their professional coaches are not only good at programming exercises but also help in building the gym’s community.

However, keep in mind building a community requires time, and it will also cost a little extra.

Benefits of CrossFit

There are several benefits you can enjoy by participating in the CrossFit gym. These include:

  • It can improve your physical strength.

  • CrossFit is a high-intensity workout, thus helps to improve your aerobic fitness.

  • It mimics the movement from your daily life, thus helping to improve agility, balance and flexibility.

  • It is excellent for managing weight by burning additional calories.

  • CrossFit workouts are excellent for managing heart health and reduce the chances of heart diseases.

Final Words

CrossFit is a high-intensity workout giving several benefits. It offers a wide range of membership programs, but it is a little expensive. However, we have explained in detail its membership cost and business cost and why it is costly.


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