What Are The Best Biceps workout at home ?

How to do Biceps Workout at Home ? Everyone wants to have perfectly chiseled abs. However, you’d be wasting your time at the gym if you don’t follow the right technique or the right workout routine.
Furthermore, not everyone has access to a gym. That being said, it doesn’t mean that they can’t have the abs of their dreams.

The biceps are one of the most visible muscles on your body. The bigger your biceps, the more muscular you will look. Therefore, we present to you a finely curated list of all the ideal bicep workouts that can be easily performed from the comfort of your home.

What are the Best Bicep Workouts at Home?

The following are the best bicep workouts at home:


Barbell/Dumbbell Curl

While these workouts are designed to be performed from your home, you should always have the basic weights such as dumbbells and barbells to build your muscles. A barbell is an elongated weight piece of equipment held with both hands, and dumbbells are smaller weights held in one hand each.

All you have to do in this curling exercise is lift the weight of your choice and move it up and down along your elbow. It’s best to keep your elbows in place while doing so since your hands and arms should move while your elbows provide a steady base. Furthermore, while performing this exercise, you must breathe out as you lift the weights, and then you have to breathe in as you bring them back up. This will help to keep your muscles relaxed.

Dumbbell Curl Biceps Workout at HomeConcentration Curl

Concentration curl is another excellent bicep workout at home that adds more volume and muscle mass to your biceps. It would help if you had a dumbbell and a place to sit for this exercise. You will start with sitting on a bench or chair, and then you have to spread your legs wide apart.

Then it would be best if you needed to hold the dumbbell in your hand in such a way that it lies between your legs. Your upper body needs to be perfectly straight, and when this position is established, you will lift the dumbbell while trying to squeeze your bicep. Then you will hold it at the top for some time and then bring it back down.

Concentration Curl Biceps Workout at HomeDumbbell Preacher Curl

The dumbbell preacher curl is ideal for building your biceps one by one. This exercise is performed alternatively for both arms. It also allows you to work out at a different angle that allows your arm to rest after some tiring and straining bicep workouts. While it’s best to perform this exercise with an EZ bar, a bench would also work well.
You can start by resting your arm on the bench while keeping a dumbbell in your hand. You need to ensure that there is absolutely no space between the benchtop and your arm. Then you have to concentrate on maintaining your arm on the bench, and you need to lift your bicep with the dumbbell. You will breathe in while you lift it back down and breathe out as you lift it back up.

Dumbbell Preacher Curl best biceps workoutSpider Curl

This is a different type of curl, and it requires the use of an EZ bar or a bench. It’s all about the position with this exercise. However, it’s also a bit challenging as compared to other workouts. Therefore, it’s best to use a lighter weight than usual.

You can perform this exercise by holding a dumbbell in your hand and place yourself facing frontwards on a slightly bent or inclined bench. Then you will move your upper arm while keeping your elbow in place and squeeze the arm when it reaches on top. However, this workout happens at a mildly bent angle.

spider Curl best biceps workoutHammer Curl

A hammer curl is very similar to your regular dumbbell curl. However, the only difference lies in the way you hold the dumbbell. A dumbbell curl is done while holding both the dumbbells in your hands with your palms facing inwards. However, you will hold the dumbbells in a vertical form in this exercise rather than the typical horizontal form.

Once you have held the dumbbells, the rest is pretty much the same since you will lift your arms while keeping your elbows in place. Then you will keep them up for some time and then bring them back down. It would be best if you kept doing this exercise for at least fifteen reps.

Hammer Curl Biceps Workout at HomeUnderhand-Grip Inverted Row

Now, this is what we call a complete workout. This exercise is a complete workout for both your arms and upper back. That being said, you can give special attention to your biceps by opting for an underhand grip.

You can perform this workout by holding the dumbbell with an underhand grip, and then you should make sure that your palms face you. Your arms should be completely straight, and you should be on your fours, on the ground with your arms underneath your shoulder, with both the dumbbells in them. Your lower weight should be on your toes.

Then you will first bend your chest towards the floor and come back up in the form of a pushup. Once you’re back up, you will lift on the arm with the dumbbell and then bring it back down. Then you will perform another pushup and then lift the other arm with the dumbbell. You will keep alternating between both the arms for twenty reps.

Underhand-Grip Inverted Row Biceps Workout at HomeFAQs

Is there any bicep workout with resistance bands?

Resistance Band Hammer Curl is a bicep workout of resistance bands. If you’ve become tired from the constant weight lifting, then you could try something new such as a resistance band hammer curl. However, as the name suggests, you will need a resistance band for this exercise. While weights are quite effective, they also restrict your movement.

However, these resistance bands will allow you to proceed with a wide motion range. This also offers an effective workout for your entire arm. You will start by standing in the middle of a resistance band and holding the ends of the band in both your hands. Your hands should be parallel to one another, and then you’ll curl your hands upwards as you do with weights. However, this time you have resistance bands in your hands.

Once you lift your hands up, you have to squeeze your biceps, and then you can bring your arms back down. It’s important to make sure that your elbow stays in place during the whole exercise and only your upper arms move.


What is a Decline Dumbbell Curl?

It’s one of the most effective Biceps Workout at Home. Sometimes you have to let gravity do all the work for you. This exercise requires you to lie down on your stomach on an inclined bench with a dumbbell in both your arms. Once you’re lying down, your arms would be hanging while holding the dumbbells. This pose also helps to single out the biceps and acts as a really effective biceps workout at home.

Once you’re in the lying position, you will lift your arms with the dumbbells while keeping your elbows in their place. Once your arms are up, you will pause there for a few seconds and then bring them back down.


What is an Incline Dumbbell Curl?

This workout is the opposite of the decline dumbbell curl. While that workout requires you to lie down on your stomach, this workout demands you to lie down on your back on an elevated and inclined surface. You will also hold a dumbbell in both your hands while maintaining this pose.

Gravity will come to work once again by pulling your arms down, and you will have to work against it by lifting your arms up from your elbow and then bringing them back down. This is another great workout for your biceps.


What is the most common bicep workout out?

Bent-Over Barbell Rows are one of the most common workouts ever. You have probably seen it on TV and in movies several times as well. The bent-over barbell row is the perfect workout for your biceps. This exercise involves the use of a barbell that you can hold with both your hands. You can perform this exercise by holding the barbell in both your hands.

You must ensure that your hands are at a shoulder-width distance. Then you will continue by bending your knees a bit and pull the bar upwards towards your chest. You will then pause after lifting it up and then bring it back down after a few seconds. This is one of the more advanced workouts, and it is extremely helpful for building your biceps.


What is another variation for bicep curls?

The kneeling bicep curl is another variation of the bicep curl, a Biceps Workout you can do at Home. However, the twist with this workout is that it requires you to kneel down on the floor. Moreover, if you curl a weight using a single-arm, it helps in determining your weak zones. You can perform this exercise by kneeling on the ground and maintaining an upright back.

Then you will hold a dumbbell in both hands and lift them up and down alternately. However, it would help if you paused your arm in the middle before bringing the dumbbell down completely.


Final Word

Biceps are the main part of your body, and you can’t truly be muscular until you have well-built biceps. Therefore, our mentioned bicep workouts at home will help you achieve your desired biceps.


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