Back Workouts at Home : All you need to know !

Having a robust and well-built back does more than adding to your aesthetic appeal and that’s why you need to do back workouts. Having a strong back will allow you to improve your posture, stand taller, and it will also help with several back complications such as sciatica pain.

However, many people are wary of working on their backs because they think they would need expensive gym memberships and training sessions to make their backs stronger. Therefore, we have gathered the best back workouts at home that are super convenient.

How to Do Back Workouts at Home?

You don’t need any fancy equipment to perform back workouts at home. All you will need is a comfortable exercise mat or maybe a dumbbell or two, but that’s it. Keep reading to learn about all the back exercises you can do at home.

What Back Exercises can I Do at Home?

The following are the most comfortable and most effective back workouts at home:

1. Superman Pose

We’ve all seen superman in movies, but the superman pose is based on the flying abilities of this superhero. This pose requires you to lay down on the ground, on your stomach and then raise both your legs and arms together. It would help if you tried to raise them as high as you can. Once you have raised your limbs, you need to retain this position for as long as possible while looking straight.

Superman back workouts from home2. Aquaman Pose

No wonder all superheroes have such strong backs! All the back building exercises are mainly named after comic heroes due to their various poses. For the Aquaman pose, you need to lie on the ground on your stomach and raise your right arm and the left leg as high as possible. Then, when you bring these limbs back to the ground, you need to raise the left arm and right leg. You need to perform these movements as quick as you can.

Aquaman back workouts from home3. Cobra Pose

The Cobra pose is also extremely useful for developing a more muscular back. What you need to do for this position is to lie on your stomach. Then you need to place both your arms under your shoulder and keep your legs on the ground. Now you have to raise your upper body and extend your face up towards the ceiling. You must remember to prevent your back from arching and keep your chest raised to make the most of this pose.

Cobra back workouts from home

4. Squats

Squats are one of the most common workouts. However, they are mostly performed for the legs and lower back. But this exercise offers an extensive workout to both your lower and upper back. It’s ideal for making your spine stronger as well. Squats can be performed by keeping your hips back, then bending your knees close to the lower part of your body. You need to retain that bent pose for some time before you move back up.

Squats back workouts from home5. Bridge Pose

The Bridge Pose is perfect for your lower and upper back. For this pose, you need to lie on the ground and bend your knees a bit while keeping your feet on the floor. Then it would be best if you pulled your stomach in a while, raising your pelvis and glutes as high as you can while aiming to hold your feet with your hands.

Bridge pose back workouts from home6. Cat Stretch

The cat stretch is another brilliant back workout at home. For this pose, you must put your hands below your shoulders and come on your knees. Then it would be best if you breathed out while bending your stomach towards your spine and curving your back in the upward direction. This bent pose should be retained for some seconds before you come back to the normal position.

Cat stretch back workouts from home7. Kneeling Extension

It would help if you came on all fours, with your hands under your shoulders and your knees bent. Then, you will raise one arm and extend it forward along with raising the opposite leg and stretching it out as much as you can. Once you’re done with this set, you will lift the other arm and leg and extend them for as long as you can. This pose is ideal for stretching your back and making it more flexible.

Kneeling extension back workouts from home8. Plank

If you want to stop time, then do a plank. Planks are one of the most notorious poses known to humankind. While it’s quite simple to do a plank, it’s just as difficult to retain the pose. For doing a plank, you need to come on all fours.

Then, you will lie on your elbows and your toes. This is called the plank pose, and it’s your responsibility to retain this position for as long as possible. Planks are excellent for improving the strength of your lower back.

Plank back workouts from home9. Dolphin Kicks

For Dolphin Kicks, you will need a raised space such as a bench or a table. Then, you must put your torso on this raised surface while lying on your stomach. Then, it would help if you gradually raised your legs as high as possible. You could lift both your legs together at a time, or you could alternate between both legs and raise one leg at a time.

Dolphin kicks back workouts from home

10. Downward Dog Pose

The Downward Dog Pose is one of the finest lower back workouts at home. Like most poses, you need to start this pose by going down on all fours. Your hands should be under your shoulders, and your fingers must be spread entirely out.

Then, you must bend your toes and activate your abdominal muscles by lifting your body upwards. Once you do this, your hands and feet will be on the floor. It would be best if you then moved your chest towards your lower limbs while keeping your heels on the ground.

Downward back workouts from home11. Low Planks

Low Planks are very similar to a regular plank. However, this exercise requires you to bend your elbows and then put your weight on them. Your elbows should be placed underneath your shoulders. Your legs need to be stretched out, and your weight should be on your toes.

If you find this pose a bit too challenging, you can open your legs up as this will make it much better for you. Your hips should be a bit raised, and your body must be completely stretched out while you try to keep your core raised from the ground. However, these planks are called low planks because your core is very low and close to the ground, which makes this pose even more challenging and effective.

Low planks back workouts from home12. Quadruped Limb Raises

This exercise will be performed by going down on all fours. Then, you will put your hands under your shoulder and keep them apart at the shoulder distance. Now you have to bend your elbows a little and make sure that your knees are present right underneath your hips.

Your body needs to be parallel to the ground in this position, and it should be present in the form of a straight line. The final step of this workout is to pull your shoulder blades downwards and inwards.

To perform this workout, you will start by stretching one arm forward and the opposite leg backwards. You need to keep your back straight while doing this. You must retain this position for a few seconds, and then you can proceed with the opposite side.

Quadrupled limb raises back workouts from home

13. Pushups

Everyone knows pushups. They are the most famous back workout at home. It’s relatively easy to perform pushups as you need to place your hands under your shoulders and bend your knees. Then you will bend your elbows a little and stretch your legs out while putting the weight on your toes.

You must make sure that your core is activated while performing this routine, and this will be done by lowering your upper body and hips towards the ground. You will have to bend yourself towards the floor and then push yourself back up. It’s essential to breathe in when you go down and then breathe out when you come back up.

Pushups back workouts from home


What are the ways to do back workouts at home?

There are several exercises that can help you build your back from the comfort of your home. The best workout for back at home would consist of HIIT exercises such as pushups, leg raises, planks, superman pose, Aquaman pose and a few stretches. All these exercises and poses will help to activate your back muscles and make them stronger.

What is the easiest back workout at home?

The most manageable back workouts at home are different poses. For instance, the superman pose is relatively easy to do, and it’s also effortless to maintain. This means that all you have to do is lie on the floor and stretch your limbs out. While it’s something that’s very easy to do, it’s also super effective since it acts as a complete workout for your lower and upper back.

Final Word

Having a strong back will definitely make heads turn, but it will also make you a healthier version of yourself. Therefore, you should follow our suggestions and try out our mentioned back workouts at home for a healthier and well-developed back.


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